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15 November 2007 Edition

OPINION : The Lisbon Treaty - undermining democracy

15 November 2007

IN an interesting article in last week's An Phoblacht, Martin McGovern argued that Sinn Féin should restate our position on Europe to one of "critical support". I want to take issue with his article and respond to the main points on which his argument rests. Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

15 November 2007

DO YOU remember the days when 'beating the terrorists', the methods used by the RUC to extract confessions from suspects, was exposed by the investigations of Amnesty International and other human rights organisations? Do you remember that if the torture and ill-treatment of suspects failed to produce the desired result, there was always emergency legislation to put those the police wanted to take out of circulation behind bars? Free article


15 November 2007

Tá mé i ndiaidh fáil réidh leis an bómán eile De Gaeilf agus é ag scríobh amach tré thóin a bhríste, ag taisteal timpeall na cruinne leis na mná-bhuachaillí. Níor chuala mé tada uaidh le coícís anuas - seans gur mharaigh dleachtóir éigin é I Meiricea Theas nó gó bhfuil se ar shiúl leis na piongain go dtí an Antartaic - tá sé ag cailliúint amach ar na kebabíní agus muintir na bpraim i dtuaisceart Ath Chliath; tá na sluaite díbh thart na laethanta seo ag rith timpeall na h-ionaid siopadóireachta le málaí lán le bruascar, atá riachtanach don Nollaig. Free article

Matt Treacy

15 November 2007

WELL, it seems that Dessie 'The Red' Farrell, the scourge of linesmen, and, who knows, perhaps inspired by the 90th anniversary of the 'Great Proletarian Revolution of the Glorious Soviet Union', has decided that the time for talking has passed. Free article

Media View

15 November 2007

LAST SUNDAY was Britain's Remembrance Sunday. It is a day marked not at all in the Carney household nor in the homes of most of our readers but it has become more and more fashionable to applaud the wearing of the poppy. Free article

Fifth Column

15 November 2007

UDA name calling

THE UDA’s name change (they swapped the old word ‘Association’ for ‘Union’, in case you missed the enormity of it) got short shrift from SDLP media guru Tom Kelly in his weekly Irish News column ahead of the underwhelming announcement on Remembrance Sunday.
Tom was incensed by the UDA demeaning the symbolism of Armistice Day. And Tom knows about the symbolism of... Free article

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