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30 August 2007 Edition

The Next Big Task

30 August 2007

In the coming months, the 26 Counties will be one of the only EU member states to hold a referendum on the newly titled Reform Treaty. The importance of this vote for the EU, Ireland and Sinn Féin cannot be underestimated. Free article

Agallamh : Niall Ó Donnghaile, urlabhraí Shinn Féin in Oirthear Bhéal Feirste

30 August 2007

Ar son An Phoblacht, labhair ÉAMANN Mac MÁNAIS le NIALL Ó DONNGHAILE ghaile, urlabhraí Shinn Féin in Oirthear Bhéal Feirste ar na malliabh. Seo an méid a bhí le rá ag an gníomhaíoch óg Free article

Rabbitte legacy : U-turns, double standards and failure

30 August 2007

No groundbreaking legislation, or great policy initiatives, little growth of party strength but retiring Labour Party leader, Pat Rabbitte, had by most formal establishment measures, a successful political career. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

30 August 2007

Irish politicians in Ireland continuously talk about investment in the rail 'network' as if such a network actually exists. It doesn't. A century ago, Ireland had one of the most comprehensive rail networks in Western Europe. Since then cars and lorries have replaced rail as the preferred mode of transport. Free article

International : Using the law to cover abuse

30 August 2007

A landmark report released on 2 August by two leading human rights groups concludes that officials of the United States who authorise or use "enhanced" (a synonym for torture) interrogation techniques risk violating US law and could face criminal prosecution. Free article

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OPINION : Lenihan's controversial remarks reflect government's ideals for Irish society

30 August 2007

According to the first major report of the EU's recently established Fundamental Rights Agency racist violence is on the rise in Ireland along with Denmark, Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, England and Finland. Free article


30 August 2007

Na Dubs bocht - níl acu anois ach an Luas agus an spíce sa spéir - tá an Geimhreadh ag teacht agus beidh Craobh na hÉireann ag dul arais go Free article

Remembering the Past

30 August 2007

Historic IRA cessation Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

30 August 2007

Within minutes of Bernard Dunne being stopped in the first round at the Point I received several texts from a number of different people all posing the same question: Was Dunne's defeat a bad omen for the Dublin football team? Free article

Media View

30 August 2007

This columnist's definition of mental torture is in attendance at every Irish summer school throughout the season, listening to eminent egos pronouncing on the need for the Irish unwashed to learn moderation and civilised values. Now and then, this condition is transformed into helpless stupefaction as an act of gross hypocrisy is presented as some sort of reconciliation Free article

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