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9 February 2006 Edition

Spring fever at Healy Park

9 February 2006

There is an old children's story about The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Sitting in the car outside Healy Park in Omagh last Sunday waiting for the traffic to move, diverted by the occasional Tyrone supporter spitting on the car in front of us that had Dublin flags on the roof, it came back to mind. Free article

Remembering the Past - Mayo's story of struggle

9 February 2006

On the week of the 30th anniversary on hunger strike of Mayo republican Frank Stagg, Shane Mac Thomáis looks back at 120 years of Mayo involvement in the national struggle Free article

Rising rows

9 February 2006

At the end of her address on the 1916 Rising President Mary McAleese said: "Enjoy the conference and the rows it will surely rise." Rows were risen about the speech by the usual suspects - the hysterical anti-nationalist elements whose loudest voice is Kevin Myers of the Irish Times. The absurd Lord Laird and David Adams also weighed in. The attack on McAleese by Ian Paisley has added fuel to the controversy which rumbles on in the letters pages. Free article

Fifth Column

9 February 2006

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Free article

Dúirt Siad...

9 February 2006

The week in quotes. Free article

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Will Indo defend us against anti-Irish racism?

9 February 2006

Well, it's finally happened. The rabidly anti-Irish Associated Newspapers have launched their "Irish" edition of the Daily Mail, and battle is now joined with the, well, rabidly anti-Irish Independent newspaper group! Free article

Film Review - Bizarre and breathtaking cinematic vision

9 February 2006

Breakfast on Pluto is Neil Jordan's latest adaptation of a Patrick McCabe novel and in many ways it returns to the themes of the earlier The Butcher Boy as well those of the equally excellent The Crying Game which is from Jordan's own script. Free article

Cúlchaint - Cad ta cearr le Mohammed? le Seán ó Donaile

9 February 2006

Na Danes bocht agus iad faoi ionsaí ag na Muslims- tá sé rud beag ait nuair a chuirerann tú san áireamh gur chuma le formhór muintir an Danmharg faoin reiligiún. 'Is ionann ailse agus an iarthar' agus 's'é Mohammed an t-aon slánaitheoir de réir cuid den lucht agóide a bhí ar shráideanna Londain an seachtain seo chaite. Free article

Cur amú airgead an phobail

9 February 2006

Scéal scannalach is ea an chaoi a láimhseáil an Rialtas Ó Dheas maidir le Doladhroichead Westlink agus an méid den airgead poiblí a chur siad amú le Páirtnéireacht Poiblí Príobháideach a ligean isteach. Ta sé beartaithe ag an Rialtas céanna tuilleadh airgid a chur amú tré scaireanna NTR sa Dholadhroichead a cheannach ina dhiaidh do NTR an t-uafás brabúis a dhéanamh ar bheagán tairbhe don phobail. Free article

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