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15 September 2005 Edition


15 September 2005

The IRA statement of 28 July emerged from an historic consultation process and launched a potentially decisive strategic contribution to realising national democratic objectives, from which we can achieve the Republic. Free article

True face of Orangeism exposed

15 September 2005

The over-riding message carried by the Irish media in relation to the Orange rampage in the Six Counties over the past week is that the PSNI and British Army were under extreme pressure. However, as has ever been the case, nationalists, including children have been the targets of sectarian thuggery dressed up as political protest. Free article

EU in crisis?

15 September 2005

The European Parliament is back in session from this month after its annual six-week break. MEPs have been busy in their countries while the formal business of parliament has stopped. However, while MEPs and their staff are now back in place there is much uncertainty in the corridors of Brussels and Strasbourg. Indeed much of the EU press is talking up a crisis of the Union itself. Free article

MEP's Diary

15 September 2005

Monday 5 September marked the beginning of the first European Parliament session in Strasbourg since the summer recess, ensuring a busy week was in prospect. After arriving at the EU Parliament building and responding to a mountain of e-mails, I prepared to deliver a speech in the chamber on the Peace Process and continuing unionist violence across the Six Counties. Free article

Príomhchathair na nGael galldaithe go fóill

15 September 2005

Despite the Independent status of the southern Irish state, Dublin streets still bear the names of English monarchs, viceroys, colonial governors, generals and butchers in the service of Empire, exploitative landlords and English battle victories. I dtír atá in ainm is a bheith neamhspleách agus saor, tá rian an chóilíneachais an-láidir fós le feiceáil sa lá atá inniu ann. Tá sé seo le haimsiú go mór i sráidainmneacha inár bpríomhchathair náisiúnta (fiú más ó thuaidh nó ó dheas atá tú) sna Sé Chontae is Fichead. Free article

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Filleadh ar ais ar scoil

15 September 2005

It is often asserted that Ireland has a free system of education. However, as parents know only too well, this is misleading as there are a myriad of costs associated with sending children to school. Ag an am seo den bhliain nuair a bhíonn na gasúir ag filleadh ar ais ar an scoil, is minic a mhaítear go bhfuil córas oideachais saor in aisce againn sa tír seo - bíodh tú sna Sé Chontae nó sna Sé Chontae is Fichead. Free article

Dúirt siad...

15 September 2005

What they have said this week Free article

Remembering the Past - Orange Order's bloody history

15 September 2005

Throughout the 17th and 18th Centuries Irish land continued to be confiscated by English colonists. Landlords were becoming stronger, possessing larger and larger tracts of land. The peasantry, both Catholic and Protestant, found themselves frequently in competition for the little land that was available and this struggle led the peasantry to form secret agrarian societies. These groups fought against the landlords, using sabotage and other guerrilla tactics. Free article

Barney McAleer - A tribute by Barry McElduff

15 September 2005

The death of prominent Tyrone republican Barney McAleer marks the end of an era in the county and his passing has pained very, very many people who had the privilege of knowing him or being his friend. Free article

Thoughts turning to three-in-row?

15 September 2005

It is hard to believe that three years ago, Cork hurling was in the middle of a crisis that threatened to consign the county to the doldrums. In December 2002 both the senior hurling and football squads went on strike, refusing to play until a series of demands regarding the manner in which the squads were treated were addressed. Free article

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