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15 September 2005 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Duirt Siad

People in the greater Shankill were incensed at the prospect of Mary McAleese being able to freely roam around the area. Diane Dodds DUP Sunday Tribune 11 September

It is now up to political leaders to push for more concessions for loyalists Sammy Duddy, Ulster Political Research Group, a cover name for the UDA Daily Ireland 14 September

No police officers put it to me that the UVF were involved in putting Catholic families out of their homes in Ballymena David Ervine PUP Newstalk 106FM 14 September

As far as I am concerned the people to blame are the Secretary of State, the Chief Constable and the Parades Commission, fairly and squarely Dawson Bailie, Belfast County Grand Master of the Orange Order Daily Ireland 13 September

It was then the policemen moved between us but, rather than push the Orangemen back onto the street they pushed the residents further into the cul-de-sac. We had no protection whatsoever Nationalist resident of the Springfield Road Daily Ireland 12 September

This violence was completely organised Hugh Orde Chief Constable of the PSNI on the weekend of unionist rioting Daily Ireland 12 September

What happened was a huge effort to intimidate nationalist communities Dermot Ahern Minister for Foreign Affairs Irish News 12 September

Some people came out from over the wall and threw bricks at the car. They came through the windscreen and two windows at the driver's side. It must have been one of those bricks that hit him. He was screaming and there was lashings of blood and all I could do was keeping driving and hope I wasn't driving into anything worse Father of 22-month-old Caleb Moore, who was attacked by unionist rioters Irish News 13 September

They didn't realise at first that he had a fractured skull. It was only when they were stitching him up that they realised that he had a fractured skull Father of Caleb Moore Irish News, 13 September

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