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18 August 2005 Edition

Cogadh sa Cholóim - Ionsaí ar chearta daonna

18 August 2005

Much fuss has been made of the return of the Colombia 3 with calls by some reactionary commentators and political opportunists to extradite them back to Colombia. Anyone who knows anything about that country can tell you that it is a human rights nightmare with dubious legal process. Free article

Déan Baghcatt ar Nestlé

18 August 2005

In today's world of mass globalisation, multinational companies seem to have a firm grip in marketing and advertising campaigns. People are no longer seen as citizens but as consumers to be exploited in the market economy. However, even as consumers, we can make a stand against the likes of Shell, Coca-cola, McDonalds and Nestlé. Free article

Creggan Spirit of Freedom Weekend

18 August 2005

As part of Sinn Féin's Céad Bliain celebrations the Eamonn Lafferty Cumann in conjunction with the Creggan Volunteers Memorial Committee have organised a weekend of events to celebrate Irish republicanism. Free article

Moving ceremony remembers Rossa

18 August 2005

Organised by the Dublin Republican Commemoration Committee as part of Sinn Féin's Ceád Bliain celebrations, the gathering marked the 90th anniversary of the funeral of the man who perhaps best represented the unbroken spirit of Fenianism. Free article

Achieving the sovereignty of the people

18 August 2005

Click to read an edited version of the address by Martina Anderson in Glasnevin at the graveside of Diarmuid O'Donovan Rossa Free article

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Commemorative booklet available

18 August 2005

The Republican Commemor-ation Committee has published a commemorative booklet to mark the 90th anniversary of O'Donovan Rossa's funeral. As well as articles on Rossa by both James Connolly and Pádraig Mac Piarais it includes the text of the famous oration by Mac Piarais. Free article

Irish republicanism: Can it be militant without being militaristic?

18 August 2005

Militant Irish republicanism has often been expressed through solely military means, but in the aftermath of Óglaigh na hÉireann's recent declaration to formally end its armed campaign and dump arms what does a tradition of militarism contribute to the modern republican agenda? Are there aspects of that past that are of benefit to the present? What of the fear in republican circles that the militancy of the republican struggle may well be lost along with the militarism? What of the fears of others that militant republicanism is inevitably expressed in military terms? Does participation in the peace-building discourse conceal or dilute the 'real' politic of republicanism? Or do the dynamics of an anti-colonial conflict and post-war politics share strategic commonalties? Free article

Fifth Column

18 August 2005

The republican funny news column Free article

Hare Coursing debate: For and Against

18 August 2005

Hare coursing is a very popular pastime in many parts of rural Ireland. In recent years it has come in for increasing criticism and calls have been raised for the practice to be outlawed. This week An Phoblacht carries arguments from both sides of the divide. An Phoblacht columnist MATT TREACY says hare coursing should be left alone and suggests that the demand for it to be banned is but the thin end of a wedge which would also see horse racing and greyhound racing eventually banned. But AIDEEN YOURELL of Irish Council Against Blood Sports, says hare coursing is a cruel and unnecessary practice, satisfying a sadistic lust and demands that it be banned now. Free article

Remembering the Past - 44 Parnell Square

18 August 2005

Dublin's Parnell Square is one of the country's most historic squares. It was here, in the Round Room of the Rotunda, site of the present Ambassador Theatre, that Volunteers met in armed convention in 1783. Free article

An Phoblacht
44 Parnell Sq.
Dublin 1