1 December 2016 Edition

All-Ireland’s ‘Gaelic Fields’

1 December 2016

PHOTOGRAPHER Paul Carroll has spent the last six years capturing the action of Gaelic club games in their unique and amazing surroundings in all 32 counties of Ireland for his book Gaelic Fields. Premium service article

A proper Charlie?

1 December 2016

Charlie One: The True Story of an Irishman in the British Army and His Role in Covert Counter-Terrorism Operations in Northern Ireland Merrion Press €13.99 Free article

Contrary account of ‘The Countess’

1 December 2016

Markievicz – A Most Outrageous Rebel By Lindie Naughton. Merrion Press €17.99 & €39.99 Free article

'I, Daniel Blake' rings so true you’ll cry

1 December 2016

KEN LOACH is a master of social realism. Right from when he made Cathy Come Home in 1966, a stunning portrayal of homelessness and the reasons why people fall into it, he has managed to attract a broad audience to films which tackle profound political themes and social issues. Free article

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