7 July 2005 Edition

Gang of 8 gettogether

7 July 2005

It has become a regular feature over the last couple of years - particularly since the major anti-globalisation demonstration in Seattle in 1999 - for the G8 Summit to be targeted by a range of anti-globalisation, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist protestors. While the elites of the G8 states are very powerful it is at least a timely reminder that they are being watched, challenged and confronted. Free article

Issue goes to Europe

7 July 2005

On Monday 4 July, five Sinn Féin TDs went to the Norwegian Embassy in Dublin and handed a letter to the ambassador, asking the Norwegian Government to instruct its state Company, Statoil (36.5% of the Consortium) to use its influence with Shell to have the injunctions lifted, and to cease further work pending a full inquiry into all aspects of the project. Dublin City Council unanimously endorsed Daithí Doolan's resolution on Monday evening calling for the release of the five men. Free article

McElduff addresses G8 Alternative

7 July 2005

West Tyrone Sinn Féin MLA, Barry McElduff was one of the International Speakers who addressed the G8 Alternatives Summit in Edinburgh at the weekend. The G8 Alternatives Summit brought together leading human rights campaigners, political activists and environmental thinkers from all parts of the world to do battle with the ideas and strategies of the G8 leaders meeting in Gleneagles. Free article

Defending the rights of children in Nicaragua

7 July 2005

Nicaragua is one of the 18 countries chosen by the US and Britain to benefit from a package that will see part of its external debt cancelled. Many feel this is not enough. New international policies facilitating equal treatment in the area of trade are essential to ensure such countries have a fair chance to develop their economies. The question is whether ordinary citizens will benefit through increased social investment. Free article

Demand for Suicide Prevention Strategy

7 July 2005

More than 80 people from across the island gathered in the Long Gallery to discuss the issue as well as launch a campaign to secure a suicide prevention strategy in the north, and one to encompasses the 32 Counties. Families from North and West Belfast who attended the event were joined by people from throughout Ireland who have lost loved ones to suicide. Free article

Harryville intimidation resurfaces

7 July 2005

Loyalists have threatened to re-start their picket of the Church of Our Lady Catholic chapel at Harryville near Ballymena if Orange parades are re-routed in the County Antrim town. Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) member Billy McCaughey, a former RUC member who was jailed for life for killing Catholic chemist William Strathern in 1977, said he had a suspicion that if the Parades Commission banned any Orange parades in Ballymena the Harryville picket could resume. Free article

New Editor at An Phoblacht

7 July 2005

An Phoblacht has a new Editor. Seán Brady from Dublin has taken over the position following the departure of Martin Spain who has been the paper's Editor for the past six years. Free article

Sinn Féin reception in London

7 July 2005

Gerry Adams has called on the British Government to give the IRA sufficient space and time to consider his call for an end to all military activities and to enable it to fully engage in consultation with the grassroots membership. Free article

GAA to make presentations at Féile

7 July 2005

During Belfast's Féile and Phobail this year, the GAA will make presentations of shields and trophies to the best turned out team and best presentation of a team during the Launch and Festival Parade on 31 July. Free article

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