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7 July 2005 Edition

Dúirt siad...

7 July 2005

An méid atá réaite acu an tseachtain seo caite. What they have said this week Free article

Voices in the House

7 July 2005

As the Dáil finishes for the summer and TD's head off to their constituencies, An Phoblacht takes a look back at the last six months. What were Sinn Féin TD's most vocal on and what have they being doing to forward the republican agenda? The following is a small glimpse at just some of the issues raised. Free article

Real scandal behind Ros Dumhach 5 jailings

7 July 2005

Few have a conception of the size of the government's treacherous sell-out of national Irish gas and oil resources over which Des O'Malley, Ray Burke, Bobby Molloy, Michael Lowry, Frank Fahey, Dermot and Bertie Ahern, and now Noel Dempsey, have presided. Free article

Third World Debt - a tool of subjugation

7 July 2005

The debt burden on developing countries is a symptom of the disease that is at the core of the international financial institutions, namely the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. The role of these two anti-democratic bodies in world politics needs to be challenged. Free article

Emigration's human cost

7 July 2005

This one-man play is raw visceral stuff. I was lucky enough to watch the world premiere at the Derry Playhouse recently. Patrick O'Kane plays out of his skin as Kevin Toner, who returns home after a long exile in Kilburn for a conversation with his dead father. Free article

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Those who suffer write the songs - Frank Harte

7 July 2005

Frank Harte was born in Dublin on 14 May 1933. He grew up in Chapelizod, where his father owned 'The Tap' public house. A Traveller singing the Valley of Knockanure, on a fair day in Boyle, County Roscommon was what first sparked his interest in Irish traditional singing. It was an interest that became lifelong. By the end of last year, his database of Irish songs had reached over 15,000. Free article

Géarchéim sna Gaeltachtaí

7 July 2005

While there are many positive signs of the Irish language being revived outside of the official Gaeltacht, there has been an ongoing crisis in the Gaeltacht itself. Even since Coimisiún na Gaeltachta was established the Gaeltacht has continued to decline in terms of population and in the proportion speakers. This rate of decline has slowed down, but is now facing a new onslaught of Anglo-American cultural imperialism. Free article

Baghcatt ar Shell

7 July 2005

The multinational oil company Shell has exploited Nigeria for years leaving thousands of the indigenous people suffering from poverty, hunger and disease. They have also left behind a legacy of severe environmental destruction there and have also been complicit in major human rights abuses in defence of their interests there. - for the example with the hanging of Ogoni community activist Ken Saro-Wiwa (right) Free article

Fifth Column

7 July 2005

THE 'LIVE 8' London gig had a star-studded line-up with some legendary bands and acts that had millions of fans from all over the world gasping: U2, The Who, Madonna, Annie Lennox, Elton John, Coldplay, the British Army. Hold on - the British Army? Free article

Remembering the Past - The Storming of the Bastille

7 July 2005

For 95% of the population in France in 1789 it was the worst of times. The other 5% including King Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette, lived a decadent lifestyle in their Versailles palace outside Paris. The price of bread, the diet of the working class, was soaring. For example, in August 1788, 50% of a peasant or urban worker's income went towards the purchase of bread. By July 1789, this figure had risen to 80%. Free article

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