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12 January 2015 Edition

Propaganda, rhetoric and manipulation of voters

12 January 2015

BEFORE becoming a Member of the European Parliament in 2009 I practised as a psychoanalyst and my approach to politics has been greatly influenced by my former profession, which closely observes the use of language. So it is with great interest that I have observed Fine Gael and Labour since they took office in 2011. Premium service article

Trade unions and ‘the titanic battle of ideas’

12 January 2015

ICTU's David Begg says "The 1919 Democratic Programme represented the trade union movement’s contribution to the shaping of the new state. That moment may be on us again" Premium service article

An ‘Inside Man’ with more to say?

12 January 2015

WILLIAM ‘PLUM’ SMITH’S BOOK, Inside Man: Loyalists of Long Kesh – The Untold Story, gives a personal account of his imprisonment as a young man from the Shankill Road. Free article

‘Reggae is the palette that I paint with’

12 January 2015

They’ve supported Madness and The Wailers and played Electric Picnic . . . Bionic Rats frontman Derek Clabby talks to An Phoblacht Free article

For the Irish Government, it’s all about the elections, stupid

12 January 2015

ON Monday 29 December, the Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle met in Dublin to discuss the recommendation from the party’s negotiations team that the Stormont House Agreement concluded in Belfast on 23 December (“the Eve of Christmas Eve”, as the media called it) be ratified by the national leadership. Free article

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Bliain nua mhaith?

12 January 2015

TÁ AN TURCAÍ ite agus na bronntanais roinnte agus muid ag tabhairt aghaidh arís eile ar chúrsaí polaitíochta mar is ceart agus gach seans gur bliain corrach a bheidh ann. Free article

‘Derry’s Springsteen’ – Damien Dempsey

12 January 2015

Peadar Whelan talks to Declan McLaughlin about the new Hi-Flats CD Free article

Owning the pain we have caused

12 January 2015

SOMETIMES it is because churches are places of such beauty or history that silence is the only appropriate response. Sometimes – but not always. Free article

The unionist predicament over equality

12 January 2015

GERRY ADAMS recently referred to the fact that Ulster Unionists have a big problem with equality. The question must therefore be asked, why? Free article

Parental choice at the heart of education

12 January 2015

Sinn Féin MLA Chris Hazzard responds to May Blood’s article in An Phoblacht on integrated education Free article

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