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29 September 2013 Edition

‘We Serve Neither Murphy Nor King’

29 September 2013

AS I ARRIVE in The Workman’s Club on Eden Quay in Dublin there’s already a stream of people waiting to get in. Free article

The Irish in Scotland ‘struggling for respect’

29 September 2013

IT’S A STRIKING THOUGHT that the Irish in Glasgow achieved occupational parity a full hundred years AFTER their cousins in New York. Free article

Fianna Fáil and the Fourth Green Field

29 September 2013

THE broad time frame of this book, albeit focussed through the prism of one political party’s perspective, would challenge any author. Premium service article

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Are promises on the Irish language being kept?

29 September 2013

AS A SINN FÉIN ACTIVIST and MLA I am very proud of the contribution the party has made to the promotion and development of Irish since 1998 and the Good Friday Agreement and also prior to that. Premium service article

Filming the Spirit of Freedom

29 September 2013

IT SEEMS a simple proposition. Write, cast and direct an accurate, thoughtful portrayal of the Irish national struggle. The books, biographies, archives, locations even, they are all there. Free article

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