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30 June 2013 Edition

Editorial: Policing and parades

30 June 2013

THE INTERVENTION by Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly in the arrest of a teenager in the wake of the Orange Order’s ‘Tour of the North’ parade on a Friday evening in north Belfast has provoked a lot of comment about the actions of the former junior minister and member of the Policing Board. Free article

Anglo: Who knew then? Why we need to know now

30 June 2013

WHO KNEW what was going on behind the scenes during the banks crisis in 2008? And why didn’t the authorities know about the Anglo Irish Bank executives’ tape-recorded phone calls – some would say confessions – before the Irish Independent drip-fed them to the public? Free article

Bono – Caring face of the global elite

30 June 2013

Author, journalist and academic HARRY BROWNE has caused quite a stir with his new book, The Frontman – Bono (In the Name of Power). An Phoblacht columnist EOIN Ó BROIN caught up with Harry to discuss the book and the public and media reaction to it. Premium service article

‘We commit to resolve our differences through dialogue’

30 June 2013

A CROSS-COMMUNITY FORUM organised by the PSNI and attended by representatives from unionist and loyalist parties and organisations, Sinn Féin, the SDLP and church and community figures was held in Wales on Monday 20 May in advance of the marching season in the North of Ireland. Free article

North Belfast – PSNI reaction ‘huge backward step’

30 June 2013

VIDEO FOOTAGE by An Phoblacht of the PSNI after the arrest of a teenager during the Orange Order ‘Tour of the North’ parade clearly show that North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly was trying to de-escalate the situation when reckless police action inflamed feelings in a very volatile atmosphere. Premium service article

Labour TDs toe the Fine Gael line to support tax on family home

30 June 2013

FINE GAEL and Labour TDs were left rattled in the Dáil during a stinging debate on a Sinn Féin Bill that could have seen the Property Tax scrapped and people who have paid refunded. Free article

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A new framework for the unfinished business of the past

30 June 2013

Sinn Féin believes we should seek to develop an inclusive reconciliation process in the here and now. That might help create a future possibility to successfully address the past. Free article

We need to pull up our socks as Gaeilge

30 June 2013

I have been working as the National Irish Language Officer for a little over a year now and I thought you might be interested to know what I have been up to. I write this as béarla as I realise that those of you who I am trying to encourage to use the cúpla focal are my biggest audience whose help I need. Free article

Opinion: Freedom of the press

30 June 2013

THE FIRST WEEK in June saw Dublin host the World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). Free article

Opinion: The SPAD Bill and the witch-hunt against ex-prisoners

30 June 2013

THE Sunday press witch-hunt is on for ex-prisoners after the SDLP let Jim Allister’s Special Advisers (SPAD) Bill pass. Newspapers now want to know where do they work and how can ‘we’ get rid of them? Premium service article

It’s what they do that counts

30 June 2013

THE G8 CIRCUS has left Ireland and left different impressions on a range of people. The heads of governments of eight of the world’s eleven largest economies – Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the USA (China, Brazil and India are not included) – have come and gone without riots in Fermanagh or Belfast, but how far-reaching will their words and, more importantly, their policies be? Free article

Irish politics: A game of two halves

30 June 2013

THE last few weeks have given us eloquent proof, once again, that not only is Ireland a country of two opposing interests (those of the rich and those of the rest of us) but our political system is one with two different sets of rules and criteria for success or failure. Premium service article

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