30 June 2013 Edition

Exiled – The story of one man’s struggle

30 June 2013

Exiled - 40 Years an Exile, A Long Time Away from Kith and Kin. By Thomas Anthony McNulty. Available from Sinn Féin Bookshop www.sinnfeinbookshop.com and [email protected]. €20 plus postage Premium service article

Sligo prelude to Great Lockout 1913

30 June 2013

THE Great Lockout of 1913 was preceded by struggles in different parts of Ireland as workers fought for the right to organise in trade unions, principally in the Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union Free article

The last man to leave the GPO

30 June 2013

Diarmuid Lynch: A forgotten Irish patriot. By Eileen McGough. Mercier Press. Price: €14.99 Free article

Robbie Smyth’s Top Ten Political Films

30 June 2013

WITH THE WEATHER indifferent to the best-planned holidays, the TV becomes our guilty fallback in what passes for the summer months in Ireland. What if you could put those wet days to commendable use watching the most important political films of our time? Even if it’s sunny, it can be good fun to deepen your political wisdom, spending a few hours where good momentarily triumphs. Free article

Bono – Caring face of the global elite

30 June 2013

Author, journalist and academic HARRY BROWNE has caused quite a stir with his new book, The Frontman – Bono (In the Name of Power). An Phoblacht columnist EOIN Ó BROIN caught up with Harry to discuss the book and the public and media reaction to it. Premium service article

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