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6 June 2016 Edition

Remembering the Somme

6 June 2016

THE VISIT by Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness, Mary Lou McDonald and Declan Kearney to the Somme and Flanders’ fields where the carnage of the First World War included the deaths of more than 30,000 men from the Ulster and Irish divisions of the British Army must be viewed through the prism of reconciliation. Free article

Rubber and plastic bullets: Lethal impact

6 June 2016

WHEN as far back as 1972 the British Government set in motion its plans to replace rubber bullets with the new plastic bullet for use by the British Army against civilians it was clear that the weapon was to be used in an aggressive manner against nationalists. Free article

In dialogue, we need to know the end point of the journey – Patricia MacBride

6 June 2016

DO republicans and nationalists still, as I do, believe that a united Ireland is the best thing socially, culturally, economically and politically for the citizens of this island? If so, why are we still largely in the dark about what this united Ireland would look like? Free article

Gender lens vital to engaging with legacy of conflict – Martina Anderson

6 June 2016

IN THE FOREWORD to the Uncomfortable Conversations essays collection, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams stated: Free article

The living flame

6 June 2016

THE latter half of May and the beginning of June 1916 saw the slow turning of the tide towards Irish republicanism in the aftermath of the Easter Rising. What a poet called the “living flame” had not only been rekindled by the Rising but was about to flare up into a national political resurgence. Free article

New politics? (Same old news)

6 June 2016

FOR A BRIEF MOMENT I wondered how Labour TD Alan Kelly was dealing with the media tsunami coverage on his failed attempt to be the new Labour leader. Premium service article

Tom Kelly – The Sinn Féin Dublin Mayor that wasn’t

6 June 2016

A NEW MAYOR for the City of Dublin was unanimously elected on 30 January 1920. It was said that, in defiance of ‘the neighbours’ in Dublin Castle, the republican flag was hoisted over City Hall. The new First Citizen was nominated by the outgoing mayor and seconded by future head of the Free State, W. T. Cosgrave, but the Mayor to be was never to be installed. Free article

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Brexit referendum – vote to stay

6 June 2016

AS THE “BREXIT” referendum looms on 23 June, Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson highlights why Ireland needs a vote to remain Free article

The Unconquered Land

6 June 2016

LEAVING Belfast in the early-morning light, the journey west holds anticipation and yearning. That dreadful existential angst gradually slips away and two hours into the journey a metaphorical truth begins to dawn. The spiritual oasis is in sight. Home, the unique space, a place that always resides in the heart, the homeland – the land that remains unconquered. Premium service article

Derry ex-POWs reflect on prison struggle in new book

6 June 2016

REFLECTIONS of the Prison Struggle 1976-1981 is a recently-released collection of memories and views of former ‘Blanketmen’ from the H-Blocks and women from Armagh recounting their experiences in the North’s prisons during the protest years. Free article

Support the Gaza kids’ soccer tour of Ireland

6 June 2016

SOCCER-MAD KIDS from Gaza are being treated to a break from the relentless, punitive siege by the Israeli war machine with a tour of Ireland in July. And football fans and friends of Palestine are being asked to lend their support through cash donations and helping out. Free article

Taking the scenic route to glory

6 June 2016

LIKE most GAA fans I waited with bated breath for the start of the Championship season, with big dreams of a long summer. Free article

Come On, You Boys In Green!

6 June 2016

“THE EUROS” (the 2016 UEFA European Championship as opposed to the currency) will doubtless be used by Ruth Dudley Edwards and Willie Frazer to gauge how deeply embedded the Peace Process really is almost 30 years after the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

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