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6 June 2016 Edition

Tom Kelly – The Sinn Féin Dublin Mayor that wasn’t

6 June 2016

A NEW MAYOR for the City of Dublin was unanimously elected on 30 January 1920. It was said that, in defiance of ‘the neighbours’ in Dublin Castle, the republican flag was hoisted over City Hall. The new First Citizen was nominated by the outgoing mayor and seconded by future head of the Free State, W. T. Cosgrave, but the Mayor to be was never to be installed. Free article

The living flame

6 June 2016

THE latter half of May and the beginning of June 1916 saw the slow turning of the tide towards Irish republicanism in the aftermath of the Easter Rising. What a poet called the “living flame” had not only been rekindled by the Rising but was about to flare up into a national political resurgence. Free article

Martin McGuinness on being at the Somme commemorations

6 June 2016

This is not about celebrating an imperialist war – it is about remembering the thousands of Irishmen who were killed and respecting their place in our shared history Free article

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