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7 September 2006 Edition

Adams in Palestine: Respect for democratic mandates urged

7 September 2006

Speaking to An Phoblacht from Palestine on Wednesday afternoon, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, who is on a two-day peace mission to the Middle East, said that in discussions with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, with representatives of all the political groups in the Palestinian Assembly and with Israeli and Palestinian NGOs he had a clear sense that the Palestinian leadership wants the political process put back on the rails and for progress to be made. Free article

Insult to injury

7 September 2006

The family of Pearse Jordan, an IRA Volunteer shot dead in an RUC shoot-to-kill operation 14 years ago, have reacted angrily to a letter sent to their home and addressed to their dead son. Free article

IMC's views"irrelevant" - Conor Murphy

7 September 2006

Commenting after the latest IMC Report, this time into the pace of British demilitarisation, Sinn Féin MP for Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy said that the IMC views on this issue were equally irrelevant to their views on any other. Free article

Hamill Inquiry :Unnecessary delays

7 September 2006

An inquiry into the sectarian killing of Portadown Catholic Robert Hamill suffered delay after 20 former RUC officers demanded anonymity. The officers have all been called to give evidence at the inquiry, which was scheduled to open at Belfast High Court on Monday 4 September. Free article


Council scandal: Developer offers councillors €700 tickets

7 September 2006

Joanne Spain, Sinn Féin candidate for Dublin Mid West in the next 26 County general election, has described a property developer's offer of Ryder Cup tickets to certain South Dublin councillors as "sinister". The offer, by developers Menolly Homes, was exposed last week by Sinn Féin's Clondalkin Councillor Shane O'Connor. Free article

Ard Fheis 'was target of UVF bomb'

7 September 2006

The Lord Mayor of Dublin and his family had to be evacuated from his official residence at the Mansion House last week after a UVF leader told Belfast Telegraph correspondent Brian Rowan that an unexploded bomb, aimed at wiping out the Sinn Féin leadership at the 1981 Ard Fheis, had lain undiscovered for the past 25 years. And the Irish Government had some questions to answer about the 48-hour delay between learning of the claim and moving the mayor and his family to safety. Free article

Child informers used by PSNI

7 September 2006

The PSNI are to continue the use of children as informers, it has been confirmed. Assistant Chief Constable Judith Gillespie approved the PSNI policy of paying children to spy on their neighbours, family members and other children last year. Cynically, the decision was packaged as part of the PSNI's child protection policy. Free article

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