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30 March 2006 Edition

Hospitals crisis: Privatisation agenda thwarting effective response

30 March 2006

Sinn Féin has said that the Fianna Fáil/PD government is in complete disarray over the Accident and Emergency crisis in the 26 Counties. Free article

Remembering 1981: From a nationalist ghetto to the battlefield of H-Block

30 March 2006

The folllowing is a slightly edited version of a semi-autobiographical article by Bobby Sands, first published anonomously in Republican News on 16 December 1978. It was reprinted in An Phoblacht/Republican News on 4 April 1981 when Bobby was 35 days on hunger strike. Free article

McDowell's latest assault on civil rights

30 March 2006

Michael McDowell's war on civil rights in the 26 Counties continues apace. In the most recent example the controversial right-wing Justice Minister performed a parliamentary sleight of hand by forcing through 200 amendments to the regressive Criminal Justice Bill dealing with such controversial issues as Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) and minimum sentencing. The Dáil was refused adequate time to discuss the new sections which change the Bill fundamentally. Free article

NERF: Policy, campaigns and effective representation

30 March 2006

A key Sinn Féin meeting on Saturday, 25 March in Dublin, brought together many of the party's 400 elected representatives throughout Ireland. The AGM saw Sinn Féin representatives embark on a year of a revitalised organisation, working to develop real politics in the various institutions and aiming to build widespread support and campaign work to advance political change across Ireland. Free article

Scotland: Irish diaspora has role in shaping new Ireland

30 March 2006

On a recent visit to Scotland, Sinn Féin Ard Comhairle member, Martina Anderson, accompanied by Jim Slaven of Cáirde na hÉireann addressed the local Irish Community on their potential role within the Irish peace process. Speaking to An Phoblacht Martina said that "much of the discussions centred around one of the strategic challenges which had been set out by the Party President in his presidential address to the 2006 Ard Fheis- that of building support for re-unification in Britain". Free article


Peace dividend: £10 Billion sought

30 March 2006

A high level Sinn Féin delegation met British Secretary of State Peter Hain and his officials last Tuesday at Stormont Castle to press for a major £10 billion, 10-year Peace Dividend. Free article

Demilitarisation needs to be advanced

30 March 2006

Sinn Féin has called for the process of British demilitarisation in the Six Counties to be accelerated. The comments followed a British government announcment this week regarding intention to further demilitarise. Free article

Strike: A million protest at Government pension plans

30 March 2006

Well over a million public sector workers have walked off the job this week across England, Scotland, Wales and in the Six Counties in what some union leaders have said is the biggest stoppage since the general strike of 1926. Free article

French unions increase the pressure

30 March 2006

Almost three million French workers took part in a national one day strike yesterday that saw mass demonstrations in over 40 cities and towns across the country. The largest protest took place in Paris where over 700,000 people mobilising in a demonstration that was largely peaceful despite isolated skirmishes with French riot police. Free article

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