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6 October 2005 Edition

"Proud to be Irish"

6 October 2005

The Rossport 5 were released from jail on Friday 30 September after 94 days. The following day saw thousands of the men's supporters from all over Ireland throng the centre of Dublin city to welcome them to freedom. The release followed Shell's lifting of the injunction against the five Mayo men. However, the men's focus and those of campaigners across the country remained the same - the fight must continue. Free article

Irish Ferries exposes ugly reality for many workers

6 October 2005

For sale to the whims of competitiveness, international market forces and other bidders -- the soul of one small economy with two previous owners. This week the issue of €15 million and 543 jobs has caused a crisis in the Irish labour market, despite the fact that there are now over two-million people at work in Ireland and in the last year another 94,500 new jobs were created. Free article

Unionist mob threatens to dig up Catholic dead

6 October 2005

A unionist mob has threatened to dig up the bodies of deceased Catholics and urinate on their graves during a Blessing of the Graves service in Newtownabbey, County Antrim on Sunday 2 October. Free article

Sectarian nightmare explained to TDs

6 October 2005

Residents of isolated nationalist communities in North Antrim travelled to Dublin on Wednesday 5 October where they met with the leaders and representatives of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Progressive Democrats, Labour Party, Greens and Independents at Leinster House. Free article

Unionist feuding claims life of former UDA boss

6 October 2005

Ousted unionist paramilitary boss Jim Gray was shot dead at his home in East Belfast at around 8pm on Tuesday 4 September. Gray was hit at least five times in the head and body by two gunmen at the door of his father's house in Knockwood Park, a short distance from PSNI headquarters at Garnerville. Free article


Morgan thrown out in Dáil row over Irish Ferries

6 October 2005

The Dáil resumed on Wednesday 28 September against the historic backdrop of the IRA putting its weapons beyond use and the schedule was revised to include statements about the North on Wednesday 28 October. Free article

An Phoblacht Relaunched

6 October 2005

An Phoblacht was officially relaunched on Saturday 1 October at the Dublin Writers' Museum. The event, which was addressed by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP and An Phoblacht Editor Seán Brady was attended by many former editors and staff of the newspaper as well as Sinn Féin TDs, members of the party's Ard Chomhairle and other contributors and supporters of the paper from around the country. Free article

Adams to raise issue of peace funding with Blair

6 October 2005

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams travelled to Brussels on Wednesday 5 October for a series of public and private engagements to update members of the European Parliament on recent developments in the Irish Peace Process. Free article

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