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12 May 2005 Edition

Five seats for Sinn Féin

12 May 2005

And then there were five. After months of consistent systematic attacks by political opponents in Ireland and internationally, not to mention ever hostile elements of the mainstream media, the Sinn Féin vote not only held up near the record percentage share achieved last June, the party also registered its 10th consecutive election where the number of Sinn Féin elected representatives increased, this time in both Westminster and local elections, culminating in five MPs and 126 councillors. Free article

Significant gains in local elections

12 May 2005

The results from last week's local government elections in the Six Counties, which saw Sinn Féin increase it's share of the first preference votes cast and win an extra 18 seats, confirmed the growth of the party and consolidated its position as the largest nationalist party in the Six Counties. Free article

So what does it all mean?

12 May 2005

The votes have all been counted, the percentages calculated and the graphs drawn. We all know the results: the number of seats, the gains and the losses, the tactical voting and the turnout. But if this much is clear interpretation remains contentious. Just what does it all mean? Free article

Adams thanks voters

12 May 2005

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP has thanked all those who voted for Sinn Féin in the Westminster and local government elections, endorsing the work of the party and returning it as the largest pro-Agreement and largest nationalist party in the North. He said "this will strengthen our ability and reinforce our determination to advance the Peace Process, build for Irish unity and bring about social and economic change. Free article


Unionist deja vu as Trimble exits

12 May 2005

As the Ulster Unionists dusted themselves off after last week's electoral battering that left them one with just one MP, and in Sylvia Hermon a maverick one at that, did they wonder haven't we been here before? As David Trimble, usurped from Westminster, blamed all but himself for his dilemma, did he wonder why was history repeating itself? Free article

British must move agenda for change forward

12 May 2005

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP speaking after meeting the new British Secretary of State, Peter Hain, in Stormont Castle on Monday, said that the British Government must move the agenda for change forward without delay. Free article

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