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12 May 2005 Edition

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British must move agenda for change forward

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP speaking after meeting the new British Secretary of State, Peter Hain, in Stormont Castle on Monday, said that the British Government must move the agenda for change forward without delay.

"Since the breakdown of the comprehensive Agreement in December the Peace Process has been paralysed by the politics of recrimination and blame game. Now, with elections behind us and the new mandates we should all turn our attention to the challenge of rebuilding the Peace Process.

"Key elements of the Good Friday Agreement do not require co-operation from the DUP. Progress on equality, human rights, collusion, the Irish language, demilitarisation, justice and policing are entirely within the gift of the British Government. There is an increased onus on the British Government to face up to the many issues within its control.

"We told the new British Secretary of state that he must now move this agenda of change forward without further delay."

Sinn Féin MPs in London

Sinn Féin MPs Pat Doherty and Conor Murphy on Wednesday travelled to Westminster for the opening day of the new parliamentary sitting. Although they don't sit in the British House of Commons, the Sinn Féin MPs have used the facilities due to them as elected MPs to deliver for their constituents and advance the Peace Process and the United Ireland agenda.

The Sinn Féin MPs said they would be taking the opportunity to meet with a number of other MPs and urge them to continue to support efforts in the time ahead to see the Good Friday Agreement implemented and the promise offered by the recent initiative by Gerry Adams delivered.


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