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4 December 2003 Edition

Days like these - Assembly Election Results Special

4 December 2003

An ecstatic Philip McGuigan is carried shoulder high from the count centre in Ballymoney last week, having taken a first ever seat for Sinn Féin in North Antrim, the heartland of Paisleyism. Free article

Gerry Adams - We are determined to see the Agreement implemented

4 December 2003

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, speaking in Parliament Buildings on Monday to the new Sinn Féin Assembly team, said: "Sinn Féin is determined to see the Agreement implemented, and a new dispensation of peace and justice on this island. There can be no renegotiation of the Good Friday Agreement." Free article

Sinn Féin results

4 December 2003

East Antrim Quota: 4,423 Oliver McMullen 768 first preferences Not elected SF Vote: 2.48%, up 0.39% on 1998... South Antrim Quota: 5,347 Martin Meehan 4,295 first preferences Not elected SF Vote: 11.48%, up 4.15% on 1998... North Antrim Quota: 6,301 Philip McGuigan 6,195 first preferences Elected SF Vote: 14.05%, up 5.91% on 1998... East Belfast Quota: 4,425 Joe O'Donnell 1,180 first preferences Not elected SF Vote: 3.81%, up 1.49% on 1998 Free article

Tremendous day for Sinn Féin

4 December 2003

"It's a tremendous day for Sinn Féin," said UTV political commentator Ken Reid, responding to the percentage swing towards Sinn Féin as details of the first preference votes were announced. The graphic on the screen showed a woeful red wedge representing the percentage secured by the SDLP (19.02%) almost pushed into oblivion by the green wedge of Sinn Féin (65.04%) in West Belfast. And the trend was replicated across the Six Counties, confirming Sinn Féin's status as the leading voice within northern nationalism. Free article


Days like no other

4 December 2003

This election result is a far cry from the days when the state was set up where no Catholic need apply, says Sinn Féin's JIM GIBNEY. Elections are great craic, or they can be, depending on how you handle them. Provided you're not a candidate, they are exciting, exhausting, exhilarating and when the result doesn't go your way, exacerbating. Free article

For the record!

4 December 2003

There can be no arguing about the gains made by Sinn Féin in this election. The party achieved a record vote share of 23.5% and 162,758 first preferences. The six new seats were won in North Antrim, North and South Belfast, East Derry, South Down and Newry/Armagh. Free article

An Phoblacht Diary

4 December 2003

2004 marks the 25th anniversary of An Phoblacht/Republican News. Today's newspaper incorporates the titles of two republican papers, An Phoblacht, based in the 26 Counties, and Republican News, based in the Six Counties, which amalgamated in January 1979. Free article

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