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6 November 2003 Edition

IRA didn't fire a single shot - McGuinness

6 November 2003

"The orders to the Volunteers were very clear, and the orders were that under no circumstances whatsoever were they to engage with the British Army during the course of the civil rights protest. No one who was a member of the IRA was under any illusion whatsoever about that fact. Free article

Sinn Féin takes BBC to court over censorship

6 November 2003

South Belfast Sinn Féin candidate Alex Maskey has accused the BBC of political discrimination and censorship after they excluded Sinn Féin from election coverage on Tuesday and Wednesday, 4 and 5 November. The party took the corporation to the High Court on Wednesday evening to challenge that decision. Free article

Women in history- Engine of Change

6 November 2003

Níl aon saoirse gan saoirse na mban- "Equality," said Bairbre de Brún, "is the most important word in the republican dictionary. "We've had many events of women 'coming together for rage': today, at this conference, we're going further — to see what is possible." Free article

Election campaign gets underway

6 November 2003

There's one thing that all political commentators agree upon. The forthcoming 26 November election is going to be a hard fought and a close run contest. The main media opportunity of this week was of party hopefuls handing in their nomination papers. Nominations for candidates contesting the 108 seats closed on Tuesday but most parties opted to present their papers a day early to avoid any last minute hitch. Free article

McGuinness confident of gains

6 November 2003

On Monday in Ballymoney Sinn Féin lodged nomination papers for four candidates to fight the Assembly elections in Mid-Ulster, Francie Molloy, Cora Groogan, Geraldine Dougan and Martin McGuinness as well as Philip McGuigan for North Antrim. Free article


Sinn Féin TDs join Assembly election campaign

6 November 2003

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly said this week that hardline unionists must accept the all-Ireland agenda of the Good Friday Agreement if they want to see a return of the Assembly and Executive. Free article

Sinn Féin's winning women

6 November 2003

Eight of the 12 women Sinn Féin candidates standing in the Assembly elections are pictured outside the party's Sevastopol Street headquarters in Belfast as the election campaign got underway in earnest. Pictured are Geraldine Dougan, Mid-Ulster; Sue Ramsey, West Belfast; Kathy Stanton, North Belfast; Bairbre de Brún, West Belfast; Caitríona Ruane, South Down; Pat O'Rawe, Newry/ Armagh; Clíona O'Kane, East Derry; and Cora Groogan, Mid-Ulster. Free article

Ógra mural unveiled

6 November 2003

Speaking at the unveiling of a new Ogra Sinn Féin mural in West Belfast on Wednesday, Fermanagh/South Tyrone MP and Assembly candidate Michelle Gildernew, joined by two of our youngest Assembly candidates Cora Groogan (22, Mid-Ulster), Cliona O'Kane (23, East Derry) and North Belfast candidate Gerry Kelly, set out four key Sinn Féin demands. Free article

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