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29 April 2014 Edition

Imagining Ireland

29 April 2014

AN ENGLISH TRAVELLER, a sort of anthropologist, comes across a ‘curious scene’ in the midst of lonely mountains at the close of the day. He scratches his head, mystified. Premium service article

Spain should not squander arms gesture by ETA

29 April 2014

TWO recent stories from the Basque Country illustrate the stark difference between those in the Basque separatist movement seeking a comprehensive settlement based on peace and equality for the people of the Basque country and those in the Spanish Government seeking the defeat of ETA, the armed Basque grouping it was at war with for 40 years. Free article

Political posters, papers and prints

29 April 2014

AS local and European elections loom, An Phoblacht’s MARK MOLONEY caught up with ALAN KINSELLA, whose exhibition of political literature from elections and referendums gone by is on display at the Dublin’s National Print Museum Premium service article

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‘Only their rivers run free’

29 April 2014

BIK McFARLANE, former Officer Commanding the IRA prisoners in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh, was invited by the ‘100 Fuegos Collective’ to Geneva in March 2014 for a discussion and a concert around the 1981 Irish Hunger Strikers and Irish republicanism. Free article

Getting the political message

29 April 2014

ELECTION TIME. And Sinn Féin activists are out canvassing, distributing leaflets and putting up posters. Premium service article

‘Educate that you may be free’

29 April 2014

“EDUCATE that you may be free” is a powerful revolutionary quote given to us by Thomas Davis. It is often used by other revolutionary movements across the world but what is our understanding of these formidable words and how do we interpret and relate them to our struggle and its strategic objectives? Premium service article

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