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20 May 2010 Edition

Jobs for the older boys - Ireland's golden circle - Old, overpaid and unaccountable

20 May 2010

SO how many CEOs and directors of Irish state agencies and our corporate giants do you know? Don't worry if the answer is 'None'. Like most of us you have been excluded from an elite club of people who run corporate Ireland today. They tend to be older white men, who went to college and live in the wealthier enclaves of Dublin. You won't meet them on the bus, LUAS or DART. Free article

The debate on the North's draft Bill on Parades, Assemblies and Protests

20 May 2010

A CAMPAIGN being orchestrated in the North by a group going under the heading of 'STOP' seems more intent on creating misinformation rather than resolution to the issue of contentious parades. Free article

Another View by Eoin Ó Broin

20 May 2010

ON Tuesday night, several thousand people demonstrated outside Leinster House. Trade unionists, political activists, community workers and concerned citizens, gathering under the banner of the Right to Work Campaign, demanded change. Free article

INTERNATIONAL: Austerity cuts in Greece could herald similar in Portugal, Spain and Ireland

20 May 2010

THE British Tory/Liberal Democrat coalition has announced that it will immediately make £6 billion in public spending cuts this year in order to begin reducing the state's £163bn deficit. The coalition will reveal an emergency budget on June 22nd, with further cuts to be implemented this autumn. Free article


20 May 2010

IT'S good when bad things happen to bad people. It makes you feel there's a sense of justice in the world, as if deep down it's not such a bad old place after all. Sure, it's great when good things happen to good people and it's even better when good things happen to me because, as the woman in the ad tells me, "I'm worth it." Free article


20 May 2010

Cuimhneoidh duine ar bith agaibh a léann an colún seo go rialta gur thóg mé céim i dtreo na neamhthuilleamaíochta nó féindóthain anuraidh nuair a cheannaigh muid cearc. (Sula gcuireann sibh ceist, fuair muid réidh leis na hasail roinnt bhlianta ó shin, bhí siad ag ithe na gcrann úll, na bprátaí agus na héadaí ón íne níochána agus níos measa fós ní raibh mé in ann oideas ar fheoil asail a fháil áit ar bith i leabhar oidis Darina Allen mar sin cheap mé nárbh fhiú iad a choinneáil a thuilleadh.) Free article

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