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1 May 2008 Edition

The history of May Day

1 May 2008

WHEN IRISH IMMIGRANTS began arriving in the United States in the mid 19th Century, they found an economy in the midst of an industrial boom. The benefits of that boom, however, were not being reaped by everyone. Free article

Interview : US trade union activist and now SIPTU organiser Jim Grogan

1 May 2008

A WORKING-CLASS HERO is something to be. Songs dedicated to working-class heroes have been prolific over the last decade, and for good reason. In the United States, songs were often used to venerate men and women who took up the labour struggle in what was often a dangerous climate. From the Haymarket Martyrs, commemorated at May Day, to Joe Hill, being in a union in America has often been an unsafe place to be. Free article

Annual Fergal O'Hanlon Memorial Lecture

1 May 2008

THE Annual Fergal O'Hanlon Memorial Lecture was delivered on 20 April by Michael Kenny, Assistant Curator, National Museum of Ireland. The venue was Teach na nDaoine, Cortolvin, Monaghan, where Sinn Féin Councillor Seán Conlon welcomed the audience. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

1 May 2008

The two oil giants Shell and BP have once more announced huge profits totalling billions of pounds as the price of home heating oil and the cost to motorists' skyrockets. The consumer is bearing the brunt of this while the oil companies and the governments make windfall profits and tax revenue. Free article

Deir Yassin, Gaza agus fó-dhaoine...

1 May 2008

TÓGADH raic ansin ar na mallaidh nuair a dúirt Richard Falk, an duine a bhéas mar fear fiosrúcháin speiséalta an UN ó taobh droch-iompar lucht Iosrael ar mhuintir na Pailistíne - sa Stráice Gaza ach go háirithe - nuair a chuir sé Rialtas Iosrael i gcompáraid leis na Naitsithe agus a gcuid gníomaíochtaí.... Free article

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1 May 2008

Nuair a d'iarr an tEagarthóir orm tréimhse eile a chaitheadh ag scríobh don pháipéar, d'aontaigh muid go seachnóinn, comh fad agus is féidir, aistí Gaeilge ag moladh Gaeilgeoirí as labhairt na Gaeilge ag imeachtaí Gaeilge blah, blah, blah. 'Sin a d'aontaigh muid, ach mar a dúirt Naomh Augustine tráth, "cuidigh liom a bheith glan, ach ní fós..." Free article

International : Campaigners against water privatisation

1 May 2008

ALTHOUGH water is absolutely fundamental for life to exist, over 1 billion people in the world lack safe access to clean water and 25 million people in the world die every year as a result of contaminated waters. Free article


1 May 2008

The Irish Times: Past and Present Free article

Matt Treacy

1 May 2008

THE four football league titles were decided at the weekend. The victories of Derry and Westmeath were probably unexpected, there was never going to be much between Wexford and Fermanagh, and Offaly were strong favourites to overcome Tipperary in the Division Four final. Free article

Media View

1 May 2008

POLITICAL journalists in Ireland inhabit a very small world located at the south end of Dublin city centre. Among its more prominent locations are Leinster House, Buswells Hotel, Doheny & Nesbitts pub, the Shelbourne Hotel, an outpost in distant Donnybrook located in RTÉ headquarters, and various lesser-known pubs and dinner party venues. Free article

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