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10 January 2008 Edition

1858 - 2008 Irish Republican Brotherhood 150th Anniversary

10 January 2008

WILLIAM MACKAY LOMASNEY may be little known in general historical terms but the explosive exploits of the diminutive Irish-American, a master of disguise creating mayhem for crown forces in Cork and taking the war to England, made him the sort of guerrilla leader that Michael Collins was to gain fame as 50 years later. Free article

State Papers : 1977 Paisley prominent as usual

10 January 2008

As with most years of the conflict the name of Ian Paisley features prominently in recently released British state papers for 1977. The leader of the DUP attempted a re-run of the 1974 UWC strike when unionists opposed to the 1974 Sunningdale Agreement brought the Six Counties to a standstill. However the 1977 Paisley lead strike was largely unsuccessful. Free article

State Papers 1977 : Dublin Government's duplicitous role exposed

10 January 2008

The State papers released under the 30-year rule expose once again the duplicitous role of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael-Labour governments regarding the British government in Ireland and policy towards partition and the conflict in the Six Counties. Their own claimed republican heritage became an embarrassment to them while they turned a blind eye to Garda Heavy Gang brutality carried out in their name. Free article

Interview : Oisín Ó Dubhláin, Ógra Shinn Féin Dublin Organiser

10 January 2008

OISÍN Ó DUBHLÁIN is Ógra Shinn Féin's Dublin Organiser. Here he talks to PEADAR de BLUIT about student politics, the influences that led him towards active republicanism, the state of Ógra Shinn Féin in Dublin and the role of the republican youth movement today. Free article

2008 - Leantar den fheachtas

10 January 2008

Sa todhchaí, nuair a scríobhann na staraithe faoin Ghaeilge, beidh 2007 luaite mar bhliain thábhachtach agus bliain chonspóideach. Free article

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Bogtrotters on the trail of Red Hugh and Art O'Neill

10 January 2008

The TI Bogtrotters is a hillwalking group commemorating historical events by conducting walks through areas of historical interest, both in Ireland and abroad. The project was initiated in 2000 by members of Tar Isteach, a republican ex-prisoner group based in Dublin. Free article

Free Derry - symbol of resistance

10 January 2008

TV Review No Go: The Free Derry Story Tuesday 8 January BBC1 Reviewed by Peadar Whelan Free article

Shell to Sea: The struggle continues

10 January 2008

THE year 2007 started with the Shell to Sea campaign on a very uneven footing. The brutal attacks on protesters at the end of the previous year and Shell's complete intransigence and refusal to even examine alternatives to their scheme to pump raw gas from the bottom of the sea to a huge refinery miles inland had left many people uncertain of the future. Free article


10 January 2008

Go dti seo sa bhaile bhí a fhios ag achan nduine idir óg agus aosta, ó na bailte is mó go dtí na bailte fearainn is lú, cá h-áit a raibh na ceantaracha is láidre fa choinne cluichí airithe m.sh. Ciarraí fa choinne Peil, Corcaigh fa choinne Iomanaíocht agus peil, Luimnigh fa choinne rugbai, Oilean Acala fa choinne teoraiocht an dreoilín agus Loch Garman fa choinne pósadh na gcolcatharacha Free article

Matt Treacy

10 January 2008

THERE ought to be a special crown for all of those hardy souls who venture out to watch their county play in the early-season competitions: if not eternal life, then certainly a guaranteed ticket for big games later in the year. Free article

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