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28 June 2007 Edition

OPINION : FF strategy is to marginalise Sinn Féin

28 June 2007

The political dust has half settled. A government is in place, if true to form it will run for the full term. For republicans it is time for the three Ds - debate, decide, and do. Free article

OPINION : Honest assessment must look at all factors in election result

28 June 2007

In the aftermath of an election where, not alone did we not make the gains we expected but in fact where we lost a seat held by an excellent hard working TD, we must be honest with ourselves and move to address the reasons for our failures. Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

28 June 2007

They haven't gone away you know, they just move sideways when they retire. They have been there a long time. They came up through the ranks of the various Loyal Order Lodges as did their fathers before them. Free article


28 June 2007

A Gaelic Experiment - The Preparatory System 1926-1961 and Coláiste Moibhí Free article

Remembering the Past

28 June 2007

The Battle of St Matthew's Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

28 June 2007

When people treat a game in Croke Park in the same way they do an evening at the cinema it is time to start to be concerned. Last Sunday's Leinster semi-final between Dublin and Offaly was delayed, apparently to facilitate people who were either late coming in or who decided that the throw in could wait until they poured another plastic container of beer down their throat, had another hot dog or stocked up on popcorn. Free article

Media View

28 June 2007

The media chorus about stamp duty might have failed to make an impact during the election campaign, with Fianna Fáil only being prepared to make a small change in relation to first-time buyers, but that's not stopping the same media from renewing the fray. Free article

Fifth Column

28 June 2007

Bev finds some change

Surprise, surprise. No sooner had Bertie Ahern told the nation that he’s anxious to get Beverley Cooper Flynn back into Fianna Fáil as a fine junior minister when she’d sorted out her looming bankruptcy than she found €1.3 million in the bottom of her handbag to pay off RTÉ’s costs from her failed court action for defamation.
The settlement, remember, is less... Free article

Letter to the Taoiseach

28 June 2007

I am writing to you earlier than usual this week, Bertie, far above the clouds en route to Washington. 'My countrymen Kiltarten's poor, my country Kiltarten Cross' comes to mind, as I head off to lobby for Ireland at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Free article

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