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7 June 2007 Edition

OPINION : Sinn Féin growth to be found as a republican, left alternative

7 June 2007

In a personal assessment of Sinn Féin's general election performance, EOIN Ó BROIN argues that the weaknesses and limitations of the party's election campaign need to be corrected by an immediate return to community-based campaigning and radical republican politics. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

7 June 2007

Now that the Assembly is re-established and the 26 County elections are over, we need to refocus and re-energise our efforts to promote the potential of all-Ireland structures, as set out in the Good Friday Agreement. Their potential should be utilised as a means of demonstrating to progressive unionists and others the benefits of an all-Ireland approach to social and economic development. Free article

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7 June 2007

Victory for public transport at heart of EU, Twelve questions on the future of the EU Constitution, REACH EU chemical law comes into force, Brussels threatens Poland and Britain on EU and EU unveils plans to tackle obesity Free article

A shared future : British government proposal flawed

7 June 2007

MARTINA ANDERSON MLA takes LAURA FRIEL through the debate around A Shared Future Free article


7 June 2007

Tá mo ghairdín réidh don Samradh- d'ullmhaigh mé faiche úr cathrach le coincréid agus clocha- bhí féar ag fás air ach bhí sé ró-ghlas agus bhí an féar plaisteach ró dhaor. Free article

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Film review : Surveillance story has deep roots in the history of cinema

7 June 2007

Hell is. Love is. The future is. Other bloody people, and thank the Lord for that. The Lives of Others is a film about a man who looks at other people, professionally and therefore, the assumption is, dispassionately. He merely records data and passes it on. The people involved are none of his business. There is a clear line between business and pleasure and a clear distinction between business and passion. For the popular story-teller this line is made to be crossed. Where there is business there is corruption; where there is passion there must be transgression and all roads must lead us back - in memory and to the scene of the crime. Free article

Remembering the Past

7 June 2007

The Collins-deValera Pact Free article

General election 2007 : History made once again in Cavan-Monaghan

7 June 2007

While republicans were disappointed with the overall results in the 26 County general election, they can be proud of several achievements in the election, not least of which was the historic third consecutive term won by Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin in the border constituency of Cavan-Monaghan. Free article

Media View

7 June 2007

Republicans who may feel demoralised by the recent election results should take heart from the collective media display of pleasure mixed with palpable relief. Free article

Fifth Column

7 June 2007

Let’s get ready to rumble

It seems like there’s a rash of political infighting all over Ireland, Scotland and England.
In Glasgow, two Scottish political heavyweights – former Scottish Assembly member Tommy Sheridan and Respect MP George Galloway – are donning the gloves to box the heads off their opponents.
Tommy Sheridan, who gave the News of the World a bloody nose in the libel... Free article

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