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18 May 2006 Edition

Community solidarity and action can change things

18 May 2006

West Dublin has featured frequently in the news headlines in recent years, often for all the wrong reasons. This week An Phoblacht's ARAN FOLEY spoke to Sinn Féin Fingal County Councillor Felix Gallagher about the issues in areas such as Mulhuddart and Blanchardstown and the real story behind community life there. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column - Politics and the Media

18 May 2006

Is it just me or do others agree that sections of the media contribute greatly to perceived cynicism towards the political process? The general public are variously described as disillusioned or disinterested in politics in this part of the world. But who makes these assessments? Very often it is political commentators and journalists who have the power to influence public opinion in a manner that no other section of society possesses! Free article

All-Ireland - the only way

18 May 2006

Who wants an all Ireland economy? Northern Secretary Peter Hain has said it's the only feasible future, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern believes the "opportunities are boundless" and the SDLP have been pushing their "North-South makes sense" campaign, but are words from the two governments being matched by actions and what about the unionist parties- what have they to say about the all-island approach? This week ROBBIE SMYTH looks at what is and isn't happening on the all-Ireland economy front. Free article

Crusade or charade?

18 May 2006

Taosieach Bertie Ahern's recent announcement of a crusade on "active citizenship" is farcical argues CAOILFHIONN NI DHONNABHAIN because it is his own Government's policies that are fuelling civic disengagement. Free article

The Matt Treacy Column - Hubris is an awful man

18 May 2006

And the award for the Most Embarrassed Supporters of the Year (so far) goes to - cue drum roll - those Louth people who were boasting last week that not only would they beat Meath but would probably win the Leinster title. Camoflagued by faces that were now uniformly the same colour as their jerseys, they were to be seen sidling out of Croke Park quite a while before the final whistle. Free article

Media View - BY JOHN O'BRIEN

18 May 2006

The SDLP is a Very Important Political Party (VIPP), and RTÉ understands that! The Stoops are the fourth largest party in the Six Counties, the second largest nationalist party there, and possibly the seventh largest party in the whole country. No wonder that RTÉ hangs on their every word. Free article

Blaming the oppressed for their oppression

18 May 2006

The blurb for this book claims that it is "the most complete account we will have of the sleepwalk to disaster". Government archives in Dublin and London, opened after 30 years form the basis of Hennessy's tome, supplemented with an extensive trawl through newspapers of the time- mainly the Belfast Telegraph and the Irish News. Despite the depth of research this is a deeply flawed piece of work. Free article

Tiocfaidh Ármani! - Cúlchaint le Seán ó Donaile

18 May 2006

Cén fáth nach chaitheann comhairleoirí Shinn Féin carbhat buí galánta cosúil le Enda Kenny agus cad chuige nach bhfuil stíl gruaige néata Willie O'Dea acu? An bhfuil sé fíor go bhfuil Sinn Fein ag dul an treo sin? Free article

The Fifth Column

18 May 2006

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Free article

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