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9 June 2005 Edition

The Morris Report - Before and After BY CORMAC J BREATHNACH

9 June 2005

Imagine the following scenario: A man is arrested and charged with robbing a train. He maintains his innocence but is faced with extreme brutality by the investigating police. Along with his co-accused, who suffered the same fate, he claims to have been beaten in police custody and forced to sign a statement admitting his part in the robbery. Free article

Irish women dying for cancer services

9 June 2005

In recent weeks, the issue of breast cancer has been raised endlessly. With the diagnosis of high-profile young women such as singers Kylie Minogue and Anastasia, many women have come to the realisation that they could be next. Free article

What is political strength? BY VINCENT WOOD

9 June 2005

The recent debate on Coalition options that have manifested in the pages of An Phoblacht have focused on the working out of potential electoral strength and its possible impact on our struggle. Free article

The Jacks are back

9 June 2005

As the Dublin team celebrated at the end of Sunday's victory over Meath, someone behind me remarked that you'd have thought they had won the All-Ireland. Not yet, my friend! Seriously, it was not the All-Ireland, it was a Leinster quarter-final but it was the manner of the victory and the opposition that turned this into more than an ordinary match in early June. Free article

Dúirt Siad...

9 June 2005

The week in quotes Free article


9 June 2005

St Kevin of Glendalough is among one of the saints of Ireland that has a wealth of folklore stories about him and whose feastday falls in June, writes AN DRAOI RUA Free article

Wexford remembers

9 June 2005

Loch Garman 100 - Celebrating 100 years of Sinn Féin in County Wexford, was launched by Martin McGuinness at a centenary dinner dance which took place in Wexford's Riverbank Hotel on Friday evening last. Free article

Pharmaceutical companies play down danger of neuroleptic drugs - BY SEAN FLEMING

9 June 2005

Over the course of recent months I have, in a personal capacity, written to pharmaceutical companies in the 26-County state who manufacture what are known as atypical 'anti-psychotic' drugs in the 'treatment' of 'mental illness'. I was motivated to do this by what I believe is a failure on the part of these companies to fully inform psychiatric patients in relation to the dangers of such drugs. Free article

The Gough Barracks raid - Remembering the Past

9 June 2005

In January 1954, Leo McCormick, the Training Officer for the Dublin Brigade of the IRA, was on a visit to Armagh. As he passed Gough Barracks, the home of the Royal Irish Fusiliers, McCormick noticed that the guard on duty outside the barracks was armed with a sten gun without a magazine. McCormick concluded rightly that Gough Barracks was in effect being guarded by an unarmed guard. Free article

Water Charges - the case for mass non-payment

9 June 2005

GARY MULCAHY of the We Won't Pay campaign puts the case for a campaign of mass non-payment to defeat water charges in the Six Counties. Free article

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