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19 May 2005 Edition

Hearts and minds: the Six-County elections and what next? - BY DECLAN KEARNEY

19 May 2005

Last week's election results were nothing short of remarkable! It's a typical trait of our irrepressible election workers that we're all now sitting down to parse our campaign with a self-critical zeal, just as we would with any other election. Except this election wasn't just like any other campaign. Sinn Féin has probably never fought any other election in such negative political circumstances, and in which the strategic stakes were so high. Free article

Lusitania revisited

19 May 2005

There are two types of people in this world - those who are cursed with morbid curiosity and those who aren't. If you have always been interested in, say, the Titanic or the Hindenburg, then you fall into the first category and this book may appeal to you. Free article

Bloom miscast in Ridley's Crusade epic

19 May 2005

Eagerly awaited from the man that brought Gladiator and Black Hawk Down to the big screen, Kingdom of Heaven is Ridley Scott's take on the Crusades. Like his work all the way back to Blade Runner, it is visually stunning. The final siege of Jerusalem by Saladin's men makes the battle scenes in Braveheart look like a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Free article

The day they burned the Custom House - Remembering the Past

19 May 2005

When Dick McKee was murdered on Bloody Sunday 1920 in Dublin Castle, Oscar Traynor became OC of the Dublin Brigade of the IRA. In the early months of 1921 he was called to a meeting by the senior members of the Republican Movement. The meeting was held in 40 Herbert Park, the home of The O Rahilly's widow. Free article

In search of Blair's legacy

19 May 2005

If Tony Blair was, as he was said to have been, shaken by the result of the British general election, in which only slightly over one third of the electorate, 36%, actually voted for him and which saw Labour's majority reduced from 160 to 67 seats, it was not apparent on Tuesday in the Houses of Parliament. Free article

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Early days in Championship races

19 May 2005

Well, we saw the next All-Ireland football champions in action last Sunday. The question is, were they in Clones or Croke Park? Seriously, it is far too early to begin predicting who might emerge triumphant in September, but both Armagh and Dublin will be satisfied with their first outing. Free article

Soccer fans urged to support Ireland and Palestine

19 May 2005

The 26-County soccer team play Israel in the second leg of the World Cup Qualifiers in Lansdowne Road on Saturday 4 June. Palestinian solidarity campaigners want to use this important sporting occasion to bring attention to the plight of the Palestinian population who, for the past 38 years, have endured a brutal military occupation that includes curfews, closures, checkpoints and deliberate destruction of homes, civilian infrastructure and farmland - in effect, ethnic cleansing. Free article

Dúirt Siad

19 May 2005

The week in quotes. Free article

Samhradh an Spóirt

19 May 2005

And so the Championship season of Gaelic Sport begins, promising plenty of entertainment for Gaels until October, writes AN DRAOI RUA Free article

Scrios ar Theamhair - Acropolis na nGael

19 May 2005

The government's decision to built the new M3 motorway through the Tara/Screene Valley, rather than around it, displays a callous disregard for our national heritage, history and culture. The requirements to save our heritage come far below the requirements for profit and money. The potential for archeological excavation is said to be enormous and could yield very significant information as to who we are and where we come from. Would the Greeks show the same disregard for their Acropolis? Free article

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