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26 February 2004 Edition

Why our primate siblings should have human rights

26 February 2004

In his latest examination of humankind's ever advancing technological progress and scientific discoveries, MICK DERRIG argues that primates should be afforded the same rights enjoyed by humans. The discovery of DNA by Crick and Brown in the 1950s and the ability to isolate and mark DNA in the 1980s has had profound effects on how we consider our species in relation to others. Free article

Sit down and talk to your kids

26 February 2004

Suicide is the number one killer of young men under the age of 25 in the North. In the wake of the recent double suicide tragedy in North Belfast, An Phoblacht's ÁINE Ní BHRIAIN spoke to Ardoyne community worker PHILIP McTAGGART about the growing crisis and the area's PIPS project, Public Initiate to Promote Awareness of and Prevent Self-harm and Suicide. Free article

The United Ireland: Doing the Joined Up Writing

26 February 2004

-BY ELLA O'DWYER In his article entitled For a Radical Campaigning Party; Think National, Act Local, published in An Phoblacht (8 January) Pat Treanor talked of the importance of "political integration between our elected and unelected activists". Cllr Treanor was addressing the issue of how best the Republican Movement might advance our aims and objectives. Free article

Starting to frame the New Ireland

26 February 2004

-BY BARRY McELDUFF & MARTINA ANDERSON What is the New Ireland to look like? What should the institutions of government be? How can we bring about an Ireland of Equals? They are the key questions in front of us today? The process of seeking answers to them is the same process as will bring it about, because it is a discussion that needs to involve all the people who live here. Free article

Mallacht na nGutháin Pócaí

26 February 2004

Great and all as they are, writes AN DRAOI RUA, haven't we Irish gone a bit overboard with our mobile phones? Níl aon guthán póca agam. Ar cheart dom mo leithscéal a ghabháil as a leithéid a rá? In Éirinn an lae inniú tá gutháin pócaí ag timpeall 80% de dhaoine fásta. Níl amhras ar bith ann go bhfuil mo leithéide sa mhionlach. Free article

The 5th Column

26 February 2004

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

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