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23 October 1997 Edition

Always ask why

23 October 1997

A friend and parent of many years advised me recently that in the not too distant future our house will echo to the words `but why? or `cad thuige? That we will hear these words morning, noon and night until we become exasperated. Free article

Colombian President admits army death squad links

23 October 1997

With municipal elections scheduled for 26 October, voters in Colombia go to the polls secure in the knowledge that their President has admitted that members of his armed forces are in ``sympathy'' with the country's right wing death squads. Free article

Truailliú George Thomas

23 October 1997

Fuair berit Bhreatnach thábhachtach bás le déanaí, taoibh istigh de sheachtain óna chéile. Bhí duine amháin acu, George Thomas, an Bíocunta Tonypandy, i mbéal an phobail. Ní raibh raibh mórán cainte ar bhás an duine eile, Cliff Bere, ach tharlódh amach anseo go mbeidh cuimhne air nuair a bheas Thomas bocht lighte i ndearmad. Tharla gur chas an colúnaí seo ar an mbeirdh acu ag amanta éagsúla agus go ndeachaigh an bheirt acu i bhfiehdm air an bhealaí difriúla. Free article

Workers in struggle

23 October 1997

Nike workers on $2.50 a day and McCreevy's mission impossible Free article

Remembering the Past: Remember Orr

23 October 1997

``I am no traitor! I die a persecuted man, for a persecuted country.'' Last words of William Orr Free article

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Back issue: Anger in Ballyfermot

23 October 1997

Anger swept through Dublin's Ballyfermot when the news broke of the arrest of two local anti-drug activists. The men were arrested by garda in early-morning raids last Monday 9 October. Free article

New in print

23 October 1997

Peace without Profit: How the IMF blocks rebuilding in Mozambique Free article


23 October 1997

George Clooney and Nicole Kidman star in this action thriller in pursuit of hijacked nuclear weapons. This film is directed by Mimi Leder of ER fame. Free article

Theatre: Real life, low life

23 October 1997

The Rasherhouse by Alan Roberts Dublin Fringe Festival The New Theatre 43 East Essex Street Dublin `til 1 November Tickets: £7/£6 (concessions) Free article

Television: Simple Simon!

23 October 1997

As Republicans we have become used to others inventing fantasies and tall tales about our activities - Branchmen coming to your Mammy's door to tell her you were suspected of being a member of the IRA; Evening Herald headlines about the IRA smuggling drugs and Sunday Times running tall tales about the dog and its mother being on the Army Council. Free article

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