23 October 1997 Edition

Constant harassment in Lurgan

23 October 1997

``Where's fucking Rosemary Nelson now?... She'll not fucking get you out of this.'' These words were spoken by a member of the RIR as he dragged Lurgan woman Cristín McCauley from her car late at night on 7 October. Free article

RUC and Mowlam retain say on parades

23 October 1997

Last Friday the controversial Parades Bill was published. Press statements indicate that it will transfer responsibility for decisions about contentious parades from the RUC to the Parades Commission. The legislation, which should be in effect for the next marching season, gives the Parades Commission statutory powers to reroute parades and imposes conditions on the parade organisers but in practice the final say will remain with the RUC and Direct Ruler Mo Mowlam. Free article

Presidential campaign raises anti-nationalists

23 October 1997

Few people would have guessed at the start of this the most bizarre of all the presidential elections ever held in the 26 Counties that the campaign would take such a serious turn and become so inextricably linked with the politics of peace. It has almost become a referendum on the peace process. Free article

United front against spyposts

23 October 1997

Over 1000 people gathered in Crossmaglen on Sunday 19 October to protest against the lookout posts and increased helicopter flights and foot patrols by the British Army since the IRA cessation. Free article

RUC talking through their hat

23 October 1997

During last week's Roslea Martyrs commemoration march the RUC took personal details from nationalist marchers which they then claimed were lost when, during a scuffle with loyalists, the information ``fell out of an officer's hat''. Free article

Young people targeted

23 October 1997

RUC harassment of young nationalists across the Six Counties has risen dramatically during the last number of weeks. Both Sinn Féin Youth activists and ordinary nationalist youth have been targeted. Free article

Biased Ford manager set for LRA

23 October 1997

Questions have been raised about the impartiality of Ford plant manager Jim Collins after his appointment to the Labour Relations Agency which mediates in industrial disputes in the Six Counties. He was one of three managers who ``deliberately concealed'' information from the Fair Employment Tribunal for nearly three years in a case of discrimination by a Catholic man, Tom Irvine, against Ford. Collins was found to be shielding a senior Ford executive responsible for blocking Irvine's promotion. Free article

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