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23 October 1997 Edition

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Taking risks for peace

The Peacemaker

George Clooney and Nicole Kidman star in this action thriller in pursuit of hijacked nuclear weapons. This film is directed by Mimi Leder of ER fame.

In the remote regions of Russia, two trains are on a collision course. One carries civilians, the other nuclear weapons en route to be deactivated in accordance with the START nuclear disarmament treaty. Moments after the trains crash, a nuclear blast shatters the rural lanscape, putting the world's governments on high alert. Dr Julia Kelly (Nicole Kidman), a nuclear scientist and acting head of the White House Nuclear Smuggling Group, is the first to realise that this catastrophe was no accident but the work of terrorists.

Lieutenant Colonel John Devoe (George Clooney), a US Special Forces Army Intelligence Officer, concludes it's a conspiracy to cover up the piracy of the train's nuclear cargo by profiteers. They are both right. Joining forces, Kelly and Devoe find themselves in a race to find nuclear weapons in the far regions of Eastern Europe. Inevitably the chase of the stolen cargo leads the two Americans back to their own country. As the bomb ticks down Kelly and Devoe must orchestrate a complex, large scale manhunt in New York City. They give chase to an unlikely terrorist before he can lash out.

Clooney (the next Stallone?) is superb as is Nicole Kidman. The Peacemaker will not keep you at the edge of your seat for the whole two hours and sometimes it's boring but overall it is a enjoyable thrilling movie.

By Stephen Murphy

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