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23 October 1997 Edition

Kelly arrest against peace process

23 October 1997

The arrest on foot of British extradition warrants of Long Kesh escaper Tony Kelly from his home in Donegal has caused widespread anger. Free article

The vindictive arrest of Seán Kinsella

23 October 1997

An Phoblacht readers are being asked to contact the Department of Justice to raise the case of Seán Kinsella Free article

Campaign has started national debate

23 October 1997

Gerry Adams argues that the controversy surrounding the Presidential campaign can develop into a debate about the type of country Ireland can become. Free article

Child's ordeal at hands of Paras and RUC

23 October 1997

The appearance in a Belfast courtroom of a ten year old boy from Ardoyne in North Belfast on Monday 20 October highlighted the level of sectarianism endured by even the youngest members of the nationalist community. Free article


Unionists resurrect gerrymandering

23 October 1997

A secret deal hatched by unionists on Belfast City Council has been used to block the appointment of Sinn Féin councillors to outside bodies. Free article

£5000 to become informer

23 October 1997

In a concerted attempt to recruit informers the RUC in Lurgan have offered cash inducements to each of six Lurgan men who were arrested in the past two weeks. One man was told by a plainclothes RUC man, ``there's an open wallet, money is no obstacle''. He then offerred him £5,000 to supply information about republicans from the Kilwilkie area. This man also believed the RUC were following him as he spotted two men watching him as he collected his girlfriend from work the week before he was arrested. Free article

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