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17 April 1997 Edition

Old footage now in colour

17 April 1997

Did you ever experience a feeling of deja vu? I'm sure most people reading the headlines and watching the news of events in Belfast this week were probably thinking, ``this has all happened before''. Free article

Guatemalan regime called to account

17 April 1997

As part of Latin American Week An Phoblacht examines the contrasting politics of Cuba and Guatemala Free article

Scriosfaidh Harney Fianna fail

17 April 1997

Rinne Mary Harney ciseach cheart de straitéis olltoghcháin Berite Ahern nuair a d'fhógair sí go dtabharfadh an PD ``athchuairt'' ar cheist na dtáillí uisce agus iad sa Rialtas. Deirtear i dTeach Liaghean go ndeachaigh Bertie le báiní faoin scéal. A chónach sin air! An bhfuil caolsheans go dtiocfaidh ciall chuige maidir leis an gcomhaontas leis an PD de dheasca na heachtra seo? Free article

Workers in struggle: Government denies equality of treatment

17 April 1997

Talks begin today at the Labour Relations Commission between the IMPACT trade union and the Health Services Employers Association. The issue is the pay claims made by 3,500 IMPACT workers who include speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, childcare workers and bio-chemists employed by hospitals and health boards across the country. The workers were balloted on industrial action and voted by over 90% to strike from next Monday 21 April. Free article

Sportsview: Teilifis na Gorgeous!

17 April 1997

It's great not to have to listen to Eamon Dead, Nobby Stiles or cardboard cutout Alan Pransen, when watched the game on the box and such is the case with Teilifis na Gaeilge's ``Ole-Ole'', which covers football sa Spáinn. Free article

Remembering the past: The IRA and the Treaty

17 April 1997

During the weeks following the approval of the Treaty by Dáil Eireann in January 1922, and the withdrawal of the republican deputies loyal to the Irish Republic, all branches of the Republican Movement rejected the Treaty. Free article

Back issue: Brits bomb Dublin

17 April 1997

Following the fire bomb attacks on several Dublin city-centre stores last Saturday 9.April the Free State and British propaganda machines immediately broadcast news reports that a man from ``Northern Ireland'' had been caught and that the attacks were being ``widely interpreted'' as an attempt by the Provision IRA to highlight the plight of 20 Republican prisoners on hunger-strike in Portlaoise prison. Free article

New in print

17 April 1997

Who's Who in the Irish War of Independence and Civil War 1916-1923 By Padraic O'Farrell Published by Lilliput Press price £9.99 (pb) The Irish Civil War - an Illustrated History By Helen Litton Published by Wolfhound Press Price £6.99 Le Deirdre Nic an tSaoir The IRA in the Twilight Years 1923-1948 By Uinseann MacEoin. Published by Argenta. Price £17.50 pb £24 hb. Free article

Editor's desk

17 April 1997

Elections bring out the worst in some people. Take Denis Haughey, the SDLP candidate in mid-Ulster. When told by an Observer reporter that some Sinn Féin canvassers had clipboards, he said with ``a sharp and dismissive look'': ``Half these people can't fucking write''. It's a remark typical of certain sections of the middle-class SDLP who seem to hold working class people in... Free article

Dúirt siad...

17 April 1997

The week in quotes.... Free article

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