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17 April 1997 Edition

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Sportsview: Teilifis na Gorgeous!

By Seán O Donaile

It's great not to have to listen to Eamon Dead, Nobby Stiles or cardboard cutout Alan Pransen, when watched the game on the box and such is the case with Teilifis na Gaeilge's ``Ole-Ole'', which covers football sa Spáinn.

Everything about Teilifis na Gorgeous seems to be young, vibrant and beautiful. Mike O Domhnaill sets the scene well with his boyish good looks and sparkling suit, though he looks a little lost in the garment. The programme is very well packaged although a half hour is far too short to cover so many games.

Bhí Valencia ag imirt in aghaidh Atletico Bilbao inné agus bhí go leor cúil sa cluiche seo. Valencia were led by the legendary Zubizeratta, Josie Ignatio, Forty Noses and Ortega (as in Nicaragua's Daniel). Atletico Bilbao are the Finn Harps of Spanish soccer, although their stadium is slightly bigger, and were no match for the firepower of their rivals who were ``ag imirt as a gcraiceann agus ar nós na gaoithe''.

The Bilbao goalie did a Meath special on Leannedro and young Ortega slotted the resulting penalty home. 30 seconds later Leannedro rubbed salt in the wound with a second goal and it was 5-0 after 27 minutes. Ortega was leading a charge similar to that of `79 on Managua and the rapid firing commentator was talking of ``an cúlbaire bocht'' agus ``cic sleasa... thar an treasnán... ar do rothar...agus ar son an hEireann'' and I thought I was back at a Commemoration until I realised there was no Branchman standing behind me.

Bilbao refused to panic and didn't even resort to a bout of fisticuffs and in the ``dara leath showed an-mhisneach'' le cic sleasas, cailíoses agus dhá chúil ar son na cúise''. Their lá never tiocfaidhed however and the final score was 5-2 in favour of Valencia.

Back to young Mike in the suit who then brought us through about 25 matches in about 3 minutes, including the £60 million rated Ronaldo who steered Barcelona to a similar 5-2 win over last year's champs Atletico Madrid. There were lots of other goals but all I had time to record was that there was a team called Hercules, who were slain and Tenerife had a team and not one of them had Union Jack boxer shorts or a pint of lager in his hand.

Irish sports programmes have been notoriously mean over the years with their prizes including Yellow V-neck jumpers and brollys. Not so T na Gorgeous, who offer up the choice of any Spanish jersey of your choice.

And Kevin Myers had us believing that T na G was all about bainin jumpers and currach racing. Tune in and don't forget All Ireland Gold on Tuesday and Thursday.

Finally, what do the presenters of this programme say at the pub after a hard day's work? - Ol é, Ol é!

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