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17 April 1997 Edition

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Back issue: Brits bomb Dublin

Following the fire bomb attacks on several Dublin city-centre stores last Saturday 9.April the Free State and British propaganda machines immediately broadcast news reports that a man from ``Northern Ireland'' had been caught and that the attacks were being ``widely interpreted'' as an attempt by the Provision IRA to highlight the plight of 20 Republican prisoners on hunger-strike in Portlaoise prison.
It was thererfore to the expected that both parties would maintain an embarrassed silence when it was revealed that the man, Frederick Parkinson, a ``UDA man'' from Leopold Street off the Shankill Road in Belfast, was charged with the offence.

Great emphasis had also been laid on the fact that the ``incendiary devices were of a similar nature to those used by the IRA.'' It is common knowledge that the British army have retrieved some of these devices from economic targets in Belfast, Derry and other areas, and since loyalist paramilitaries have never excelled themselves in technical innovations, it is not outrageous to assume that the devices used in Dublin were ``supplied'' in much the same way as ``security files'' have been ``supplied'' by both the paramilitary political police, the RUC, and the British occupation forces.

Republican News 16 April 1977

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