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17 April 1997 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Did you come today because it was free?

Race-goer to John Major on his appearance at the rerun Grand National.

If I grew up the way these people have, if I'd lived their lives, I'd be fighting the same fight.

Actor Brad Pitt, star of another `IRA' blockbuster film, on his role as an IRA Volunteer, the Star, Friday 11 April.

There are voices of reason within the Orange Order. Those voices will only be listened to if the consequences of another Drumcree are clearly understood.

Gerard Rice of the Lower Ormeau Concerned community, Irish News, Saturday 12 April.

Half these people can't fucking write.

Remark made by the SDLP candidate in Mid-Ulster Denis Haughey on Sinn Féin election workers. The Observer, Sunday 13 April.

Ciarán Delaney had complained to the RUC of a similar attack on his life and he said the police accused him of being `paranoid'.

Sunday Business Post 13 April, on the attempted murder of Ciarán Delaney in Newtownabbey on Wednesday 9 April.

Sooner or later the activities of loyalist groups will result in loss of life. At that stage the Dublin government will have to take a stand. After all, fascism is fascism and has to be confronted as the British discovered 60 years ago.

Sunday Business Post Editorial, 13 April.

Yet popular he undoubtedly is. Watching him canvass, he comes over as friendly without being obsequious, familiar without being patronising.

Ronan Bennet on Martin McGuinness, the Observer, Sunday 13 April.

At one point we went out of the back door and tried to stand there. But that was not safe and so we ran to the front. But there were two men at the front door with cudgels.

Limestone Road resident Gerard Crossin on the attack on the area by loyalists, Irish Independent, Monday 14 April.

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