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17 April 1997 Edition

Election hots up

17 April 1997

This was the disgraceful comment about Sinn Féin election workers from the SDLP's Denis Haughey, candidate for Mid-Ulster. He let slip his remark to a reporter from a Sunday newspaper last week and exposed the attitude of many in his party to republicans and their electorate. He was clearly under pressure, aware that the campaign for Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness to reclaim the seat from Willie McCrea has now gained an unstoppable momentum. Nationalist voters now see clearly that McGuinness is the only real challenger who can end over 20 years of unionist misrepresentation of this predominantly nationalist constituency. Free article

Television: A Frosty reception for war heroes

17 April 1997

Like so many of the great television journalists, David Frost has become a clumsy parody of himself. Breakfast With Frost (BBC1 8.30am Sundays) begins with evocative footage of the British houses of parliament, the US Capitol building, the Eiffel Tower, and musty, leather-bound books. Free article

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