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6 February 1997 Edition

Pint-size politicians

6 February 1997

When you see politicians scrambling to make political capital on the price of the pint you know that the early symptoms of election fever have struck. During the week government ministers were falling over one another to get stuck into Dublin publicans who raised drink prices. Free article

Editor's desk

6 February 1997

The Daily Telegraph is the favourite paper of the Tory cabinet so it's not surprising that the British government has resolutely ignored calls for a new inquiry into the events of Bloody Sunday. On Monday all the British broadsheets carried reports of the massive march in Derry complete with striking photographs of the portraits of those killed. And how did the Daily Telegraph... Free article

Dúirt siad...

6 February 1997

The wek in quotes... Free article


6 February 1997

THE nomination of Sinn Féin candidates in the 26-County election for the first time in 20 years gives a clear opportunity for another true declaration of Irish nationalism which was made so forcibly last June in the vote for the H-Block candidates. Free article

Pakistan's penniless millionaires

6 February 1997

You can't but feel sympathy for Benazir Bhutto, Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif. Having given selflessly of themselves for the good of their native Pakistan all have suffered as a result. Free article

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Raic na ragoibre

6 February 1997

B'é sin ceann de thréithe na Románach, bhíodh abairt nó mána acu don uile ocáid. Chásfadh beirt le chéile agus bheadh leathchómhrá acu, nó eadarthu, a bhraith ar nathanna cliste cainte. Free article

Dublin Blues

6 February 1997

In the Spring of 1974, Dublin GAA was deemed to be in crisis. There hadn't been a Leinster hurling title won since 1961, Sam Maguire hadn't visited in eleven years, and Dublin's youth seemed more interested in wearing flares and following Gilbert O'Sullivan. Free article

Remembering the Past

6 February 1997

First Long Kesh escape Free article

Confronting the need for apologies

6 February 1997

Pardon and Peace By Nicholas Frayling Published by SPCK Price £10.99 Free article

Television: Afternoon traffic accidents

6 February 1997

Don't accuse me of getting all Millennial, but in the `90s gossip has superceded news. Free article

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