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6 February 1997 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

The British government's approach to the issue of Orange Order marches in Northern Ireland is cowardly and irresponsible.

Sunday Tribune editorial, 2 February.

North seemed like a decent Oxbridge man if not at times like a visiting anthropologist who had just wandered into Tutem Trimble's Tomb and discovered one of creations more exotic tribes.

Tom McGurk on the `Dangers of Drumcree Mark 3 and the North Report', Sunday Business Post, 2 February.

Did you notice the appearance of Paisley after his silence on marches in his constituency? Where's he been? Now he's back talking nonsense and demanding action against people in Dunloy who are opposed to Orangemen from the surrounding area strutting through the village.

Brian Feeney Irish News, Wednesday 5 February.

The North Commission was clearly the template for a commission such as it now proposes. It itself, illustrates the folly of such a course: Peter North, a liberal academic with no experience of Northern Ireland. Oliver Crilly, a Catholic priest and a nationalist. John Dunlop a Protestant minister who has lost all credibility in such matters, by voting to ban the National Anthem at Queens on the specious grounds that he supported ``diversity!''

Roy Bradford: News Letter Monday 3 February.

I have never in my whole life seen such a level of anger.. at what the British government has done.

Des Wilson, recommending a massive vote for Sinn Féin to get them into talks, Sunday Business Post, 2 February.

The reality is that for years it has been plain that people died in Londonderry because of an appalling over-reaction by troops of the Parachute Regiment... An apology is long overdue, and there would be no better time for it.

Editorial in the unionist Newsletter, Monday 3 February.

It's very emotional, it brings back so many memories. Even now I can't help thinking it's going to happen again. You see the police and the army are still about, and it seeems as if it could happen again.

Michael Bradley, shot in the arm and stomach on Bloody Sunday, Irish News, Monday 3 February.

It is difficult for us as unionists to become embroiled in the Bloody Sunday debate. However, I think if mistakes were made, and there is information not available before, then people have a responsibility to listen.

UDP leader Gary McMichael, Irish News, Wednesday 5 February.

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