6 February 1997 Edition


6 February 1997

Oglaigh na Eireann's South Derry Brigade in a statement released this week have claimed responsibility for a rocket propelled grenade attack on an RUC armoured personnel carrier as it passed through Carlane Crescent in Toomebridge on Monday evening, 27 January. Free article

Harryville tension rises

6 February 1997

DUP leader Ian Paisley has given his support to a loyalist band parade being organised for this coming weekend at Harryville in Ballymena. The band parade will bring the 22 week old picket of St Mary's Catholic Church to a new high. Free article

Anti-Bloody Sunday bigotry

6 February 1997

NATIONALIST WORKERS AT DESMONDS Clothing factory in Newbuildings outside Derry City were verbally abused and threatened by loyalist workers last week after they observed a two minute silence and wore black commemorative ribbons for the dead of Bloody Sunday. Free article

Kelly calls for vigilance

6 February 1997

Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly has warned nationalists across the Six Counties to be more vigilant following a number of incidents involving loyalists in Belfast, Down and Armagh. Free article

Loyalist protection money

6 February 1997

The Northern Ireland Office (NIO) is funding protection measures for UDP and PUP members but has consistently refused similar funds to Sinn Féin. Free article

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RUC bought stolen cars

6 February 1997

Following the arrest on Tuesday 4 February, of 5 RUC members on theft and fraud charges connected to a stolen car racket An Phoblacht can reveal that the RUC has itself bought stolen cars which it is now desperately trying to get rid of. Free article

Ireland's greatest medical disaster

6 February 1997

Aine Keane looks at the Hepatitis C scandal which has afflicted over 1000 Irish people Free article

The report strategy

6 February 1997

The North report, set up by Patrick Mayhew to enquire into disputed parades, presented its findings to the British parliament last Thursday. Free article

Spring in the air

6 February 1997

A walkabout by Tánaiste Dick Spring through Dublin's north inner core has been described as a pre-election photo opportunity. Spring's descent from his Iveagh towers to visit Buckingham Street and the surrounding areas on Thursday won't dampen widespread criticism that the government's heads are in the clouds when it comes to the drugs crisis. Free article

Barrett defends move to NATO

6 February 1997

The creeping campaign to lure the 26 Counties into the NATO nuclear alliance through involvement in the so-called Partnership for Peace has now reached a crucial stage. Free article

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