21 July 2005 Edition

News in Brief 1

21 July 2005

A father and his two sons were targeted in a loyalist double bomb hoax on Wednesday 13 July in the Dunclug Estate in Ballymena. Free article

UN troops accused over Haiti outrage

21 July 2005

As THE world is only too aware, despite the presence of United Nations' peace-keeping troops in the Balkans and Rwanda in the 1990s, horrific massacres were perpetrated against the Bosnian and the Tutsi civilian populations respectively. Now UN forces are under the spotlight for their role in Haiti following an incident, on 6 July, in which peace-keeping troops killed at least 23 civilians. Free article

News in Brief 2

21 July 2005

Former Hunger Striker and Sinn Féin MLA for Foyle Raymond McCartney addressed several hundred republicans in the Ballycloman Estate in Strabane on Sunday at a commemoration organised by Ógra Shinn Féin to mark the 24th Anniversary of the 1981 Hunger Strikes. Free article

News in Brief 3

21 July 2005

A growing number of local councils have passed motions calling for a full independent public inquiry chaired by a person of international repute into the assassination of Sinn Féin Donegal County Councillor Eddie Fullerton in 1991. Free article

News in brief 4

21 July 2005

Cllr John Brady has been chosen as Sinn Féin's Wicklow candidate for the next general election. The convention was also attended by Sinn Féin's Vice President Pat Doherty MP. Doherty spoke very highly of Brady and of Sinn Féin's advances in Wicklow over the past two years. Free article

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Communities outraged at suicide slogans

21 July 2005

THE sheer sectarian viciousness that permeates elements of unionism was visible in all its naked cruelty on the Westland Estate in North Belfast last week. In the days before the 12th, unionists mounted a display, mocking suicide victims in nearby Ardoyne, to an Orange bonfire, funded by Belfast City Council. Free article

Deportation policy ignores human rights

21 July 2005

"The human rights of women simply do not exist in Nigeria," said Jane, one of several Nigerian women who addressed a protest, brought together by Residents Against Racism, outside Leinster House on Thursday 14 July. Free article

Challenging development inequality

21 July 2005

Sinn Féin economy spokesperson Mitchel McLaughlin this week led a Sinn Féin delegation with Bairbre DeBrun MEP, to meet Investment Northern Ireland (INI) Chief Executive Leslie Morrison. McLaughlin called on the agency to stop making excuses and get on with the job of "supporting economic development in areas that are most in need". Free article

No excuse for ESB price rises

21 July 2005

Ireland could be world leader in renewable energyUnderused natural resources, unjustified price increases and a massive €1 billion levy on households in the Six Counties because of privatisation. Welcome to the Irish electricity market where this week 26-County customers face their fourth winter of higher energy prices. Free article

Preying on the small fish

21 July 2005

Recent action by the scallop fishermen in Wexford is illustrative of the desperate situation in which Irish fishermen are increasingly finding themselves. Free article

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