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21 July 2005 Edition

Ó Phríomháideach go Poiblí - An treo ceart do mhodhanna iompair nua

21 July 2005

The transportation policy an both sides of the border is fundamentally flawed as it puts too much emphasis on private modes of transport - namely the car and road building. The problem with the car is that it requires a lot of space for one person and it ultimately extracts a heavy environmental cost through the amount of road building and the amount of polluting fossil fuel used and released into the atmosphere. On the other hand, public transport can carry far more people at a much more economical cost. Free article

Crios Chúchulainn

21 July 2005

In the height of summer, we often take pleasure in some of the simple beauties of nature, such as Meadowsweet, (a.k.a. Cúchulainn's belt). In the past many of these plants and flowers were put to use to cure ailments and to flavour wine. Nowadays, as Michael Davitt had said, many people from the cities wouldn't know the difference between a nettle and a large leaf and much of the wonderful lore surrounding our plants and herbs are lost in th philistinism of society's materialistic obsessions. Free article

Edward Heath - the best friend we never had

21 July 2005

"Sir Edward will be remembered with particular affection in Ireland." This was just one of the plaudits heaped on former British Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath who died this week aged 89. This particularly gushing eulogy delivered by Fianna Fáil leader Bertie Ahern is in stark contrast to any analysis Irish republicans would have of Heath's years as Tory leader and in government between 1970 and 1974. Free article

Heath will be remembered for Bloody Sunday role - McLaughlin

21 July 2005

Sinn Féin General Secretary, Mitchel McLaughlin has said that Ted Heath will always be remembered as the British Prime Minister who oversaw the events that led to the massacre of innocent civilians on the streets of Derry. Free article

Harney's hospital bed 'fraud'

21 July 2005

Lost 3,000 public hospital beds, found 1,000 public ones but not until another 1,000 private ones are provided first. Welcome to the new health initiative from Mary Harney. We don't know where, when or how much her plan will cost, but one thing is clear, the latest strategy from the Progressive Democrat leader is a serious deviation from the promises made by Fianna Fáil in 2001 to provide 3,000 new public hospital beds. Free article

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Hands off Aer Lingus

21 July 2005

Mick Halpenny is National Industrial Secretary of SIPTU Ireland's largest trade union representing 250,000 workers. Writing for An Phoblacht this week he argues the case against privatisation of Ireland's national airline. Free article

The Claudia

21 July 2005

On the first anniversary of the death of leading Irish republican Joe Cahill, An Phoblacht looks back at one of the episodes with which Joe was always associated in the public imagination - The Claudia affair. Free article

Fifth Column

21 July 2005

Leathanach Grinn na bPoblachtánach - The republican funnies page Free article

Remembering the Past - The Asgard

21 July 2005

On 24 April 1914 the unionist paramilitary Ulster Volunteers successfully imported into Ireland 10,000 Manlicher rifles, 9,100 Mauser rifles and 2,000,000 rounds of ammunition all purchased in Hamburg, Germany. The purpose of the importation was to oppose by violence any introduction of Home Rule for Ireland. Free article

Life or death in the afternoon

21 July 2005

When the legendary Sporting Life columnist Jeffrey Barnard failed to supply his copy due to being the worse for drink, the paper used to excuse his absence with a single line: "Jeffrey Barnard is unwell." For about ten minutes on Sunday afternoon Matt Treacy was distinctly unwell and was seriously considering the same option. Free article

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