12 November 1998 Edition

Delay on Jericho dismantling

12 November 1998

An Phoblacht has learned that the dismantling of the Jericho British Army Fort in West Belfast will be delayed by at least two months as the British Army decides which private contractor will get the demolition contract. Free article

People power takes hold in Antrim

12 November 1998

Two weeks ago a major drug dealer moved out of the Rathenraw estate in Antrim and another agreed to cease his trade. Ned Kelly talked to residents who have decided to rid the estate of the drug menace. Free article

Agent Orange results falsified

12 November 1998

A toxic time bomb has exploded in the faces of the US government following relevations that a health study - carried out by the US Air Force - into Agent Orange, the dioxin-contaminated defoliant sprayed on Vietnam during the sixties, has been tampered with. Free article

McAleese planned to visit Brit base

12 November 1998

In an amazing act of political insensitivity 26 County President Mary McAleese planned to fly into one of the British army's biggest bases in South Armagh. But an angry response from local people has forced the Dublin government to change McAleese's travel arrangements. Free article

Derrywoman wins damages

12 November 1998

A member of Sinn Fein in Derry, Brid Curran, has won damages from the RUC after she was assaulted during a protest against the visit to the city of British royal Charles Windsor in 1994. Free article

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Threat of eviction in the midst of plenty

12 November 1998

Yet another community facing the consequences of the Celtic Tiger are the residents of Crampton Buildings in the centre of Dublin's Temple Bar. Free article

``Informer'' target arrested

12 November 1998

The RUC's attempt to recruit a man from the New Lodge Road area of North Belfast took a sinister turn last week when the man was arrested and taken to Banbridge RUC barracks. Free article

McBride family to challenge British Army board

12 November 1998

The British army's refusal to dismiss two Scots Guards convicted of the murder of Peter McBride is to be challenged by the dead man's family. Free article

Loyalist rampage

12 November 1998

Residents on the Broadway Road in West Belfast have been the latest victims of the upsurge in loyalist violence over the past two weeks. Free article

Plastic bullet compo victory

12 November 1998

David Davidson, shot in the face with a plastic bullet by the RUC, in an unprovoked attack on July 14 1996 on the Crumlin Road has been awarded £25,000 compensation in Belfast High Court on Tuesday. Free article

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