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12 November 1998 Edition

Tread with care in race for jobs

12 November 1998

Robert Allen argues that we should be wary of trade agreements drawn up for the benefit of US multinationals Free article

Turning the screws

12 November 1998

Plus ça change, plus the même chose. Twenty two years ago, back in the bad old days of 1976, the papers were full of advertisements looking for Prison warders. Screws to you and me. Free article

Propaganda war hasn't gone away

12 November 1998

The weekend ``revelations'' that the IRA was about to hold an army convention to present their weapons to the Brits shows that the glorious tradition of Colin Wallace is still alive and lying in the ranks of British Military Intelligence - if that's not a contradiction in terms. Free article

Salmon fishermen struggling to survive

12 November 1998

Sure you just can't win with the salmon. If the catch goes down, the Fisheries Board and Government restrict the season because the salmon are running out, and if the catch goes up, then conservation is working and the sea fishermen can afford to lose days of the fishing so more fish are there for the anglers and the tourists. Free article

World calls to cancel Honduras and Nicaragua debts

12 November 1998

Honduras and Nicaragua may already have been amongst the two poorest nations of the western hemisphere. But after the ravages of Hurricane Mitch, the two states might be all together cleansed from the world map, as countries who for years exploited the natural resources of these lands today looked ready to turn a blind eye on their tragedy. Free article

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Míle Bliain ar aghaidh nó Míle Bliain Siar ?

12 November 1998

£7 milliúin punt a bheas á chaitheamh ar phleananna nua fógraithe don bhliain 2000 AD i mBaile Atha Cliath. Tá sé i gceist an t-airgead seo a chaitheamh ar thionscnaimh ar nós soilsí a lasú ar dhroichid thar abhainn An Life; láthair margaidh faoi dhíon is slí do rothair a sholáthair ón chanál mór chuig An Life agus áiteacha eile a dtéann na turasóirí nuair a thagann siad chuig an príomh-chathair. Free article

Workers in struggle

12 November 1998

Wages prices and profits and Poverty increase Free article

Sportsview: Donegal Celtic to face RUC despite local anger

12 November 1998

Anger at the decision by West Belfast soccer club Donegal Celtic to go ahead with its Steel and Sons Cup semi-final match against an RUC team may lead to a local boycott on the team. Free article

Remembering the Past: The United Men and the Maiden City (part 2)

12 November 1998

In June 1797, when French support failed to arrive, the Ulster Executive of the United Irishmen resolved to rise. But all came to naught. Some Antrim colonels refused to rise, arguing that `it was imprudent to act ... without foreign aid'. A provincial meeting at Randalstown failed to bring them back on board. The moment passed. At the end of June unrelated circumstances threatened the arrest of Antrim, Down and Armagh leaders and they fled to England. Free article

Back issue: Hillsborough - reviewing a failure

12 November 1998

Three years after the signing of the London/Dublin Deal, which was sold in a massive media hype as the panacea for nationalist ills, British and 26 county ministers have met at Stormont to begin the much vaunted review of the agreement. Free article

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