29 January 1998 Edition

Community empowerment for Limerick East

29 January 1998

THOUGH no date has yet been set for the Limerick East by-election, the Sinn Féin candidate in the constituency has emphasised the need for more community empowerment. Free article

Dungannon man receives death threat

29 January 1998

A DUNGANNON man who has been subjected to continuous Crown Forces harrasment has been told that a loyalist death threat has been issued against him. Free article

Bloody Sunday in London

29 January 1998

Two thousand people marched through London on 24 January to commemorate the victims of Bloody Sunday and to demand that the truth be told about the events of that day. Free article

Hartley harassed

29 January 1998

REACTING to the increased number of complaints of RUC harassment that Sinn Fein offices have received in the last week, SF Councillor Tom Hartley has said ``the presence of the RUC and British Army is inflicting pain and grief by their provocative actions and petty harassment.'' Free article

Larne threats

29 January 1998

ON THE morning of 14 January the Larne Gazette received an anonymous phone call from a woman who claimed to be reading a prepared statement from a group calling itself the Loyalist defence force (LDF). She said that like the LVF they were not on ceasefire and threatened to make its presence felt on Friday 16 January but would give the Gazette a 30 minute warning. Nothing subsequently happened. Free article

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