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29 January 1998 Edition

Sectarian slaughter

29 January 1998

Dublin has been urged to highlight the collusion between elements of the British military machine and loyalist murder gangs. Free article

Need for a new and democratic agreement

29 January 1998

Fern Lane in London looks at the progress in the talks at Lancaster House Free article

IRA intercepts British Intelligence documents

29 January 1998

British Intelligence documents which have been intercepted by the IRA show that British soldiers have recently been operating in the 26 Counties. They also show that at no time did British forces call a ceasefire. Indeed, within weeks of the IRA's 1994 cessation, Britain was upgrading its Intelligence war against republicans. Free article

Sinn Féin storm home in Omagh

29 January 1998

As Sinn Fein's by-election candidate Terence Brogan relaxed after his astounding win at last week's by-election in West Tyrone, party activists were jubilant that their campaign had paid off so handsomely. Free article


Ardoyne raided while death squads roam

29 January 1998

At a time when senior RUC members are busy `reassuring' the nationalist community that they are doing their best to protect them, the story on the ground is different. Free article

Australian Labour support Adams visa bid

29 January 1998

The Australian Labour Party has passed a resolution calling on the conservative government to allow West Belfast MP Gerry Adams to visit Australia. The call was made in recognition of the role that Adams and Sinn Fein have played in the search for a lasting settlement. The resolution also stressed the need for active international support for the talks process and the need for justice and international investment to promote economic and social advance in the Six Counties. Free article

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